Osto Roulette


For the first time yesterday I decided to play Osto Roulette and have a bagless shower. I used my lovely new shower gel that I got for Christmas, and had no output at all. Result! I then put on my new bag and slathered myself in my new body lotion, and put on my new lounge wear...I felt great!

Feeling very pleased with myself, I started to go about my day when I suddenly felt something wet dripping down my right leg. I had only forgotten to fasten my new bag up with the velcro, so my rather post Christmas watery output was flowing freely down my leg and all over my new joggers.  That'll learn me! 😭


Ooops. 😁

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LOL that will keep you humble. It happens...


ha ha yes indeed...  same "shit" happened to me. unfortunately, it occurred while standing in line at Wendy fast food. Frist  came the smell?   checking my shoes.. then I looked around.. then went to rest room. Good God!  exit stage  left..

Someone on here posted that when u get your bags,  always seal them in advance.. always! then put them  back in the box.. yea  u will forget.. this prevents that.  Good advice.  cheers!


It happens… especially when you time yourself to try to make bag changes more fun… and forget that one tiny detail either at the beginning or end 😬 Hope the loungewear washes well ☺️

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Mysterious Mose

To quote Alex, "Oops!"

I always close up each bag when I receive a shipment. I also crease the tails so they are easier to open. Plus, I always do an extra fold of the tail and add a binder clip to secure things. Otherwise, I can envision myself doing the same thing you describe. 🤓



That's great advice @warrior!

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I crease the hard plastic tail part too. I just simply close the bag before I put it on, no forgetting. I don’t like the idea of new bags being sealed up for up to 4 weeks before I put one on. 🤷‍♂️


Been there done that-but Osto Roulette is a wonderful feeling-I don’t care about the shower output anymore -it’s the Osto New Appliance Roulette post shower which is the hardest to navigate 😂-will it allow me to do my whole routine sans output 🤷‍♀️ 

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Ah such a vision for a new year!!


Haha I still forget at times to do the velcro closure up after over 30 years we never stop learning or in some cases we never learn lol 


I wouldn't do anything as stupid as that ... luckily I didn't even make it outside the house .....


hmm still on topic here and for a good chuckle:.

Somehow ..somewhere.. the use of the wording  "slathered myself" has me a bit Randy😵

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Ooooh Matron!

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...as Lurch..in Adams Family...

" uuuuhh.. you rang?"..😂

Rose Bud 🌹

It happens...one of the 1st times I changed to a 2 piece and didn't relize I didn't snap the bag all the way down on the ring and surprise all down the front of my pants 😬

ron in mich

Hi all in the immortal words of homer simpson thats a DOHHH.


When you posted all slathered in lotion, I figured the wafer came loose as we are cautioned against oily products around the stoma.... I always velcro my bag first before I place it on my washroom basin...justa  habit...

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Yep, first thing I do too, velcro the bag shut. 

Newbie Dana

After trying several kinds, I ended up using the sealed bags. Unsnap, clean snap new one on, dispose of old in double-tied disposal bag, drop in trash. No muss, no fuss. Tried and tried the re-sealable kind; just couldn't handle it. Much happier now. It helps that my output is usually on the more solid side - which was the original problem with emptying the re-sealable pouches. (You know, splish splash, I'm taking a bath ...) YUKK!!!


Join the club! That's happened to me a couple of times. 😂

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Hi I tried replying earlier but it didn't go through obviously having some technical difficulties here but that's New Jersey for you and obviously the wireless system kind of sucks ...

anyway what you suggested is viable option for you... I'm glad that works for you.. I was just curious when you visit a friend's house and you dump your bag in their trash can... I'm in assuming you're not  going to take it with you.. how does that make you feel??

for me ,that would be kind of an embarrassment for them actually seeing  my bag when they throw the trash out..thoughts?

bc in this case the toilet dump would be a better option with a drainable pouch.

just saying. i know u tie up your bag.in a bag...sure. . then toss it..

that song brings back memories..


I kit up about a dozen at a time, one change set per quart ziploc bag...Wafer, disposal bag, ring, adhesive remover, and bag. The bag gets the tail folded for easy disposal, and the end velcroed shut. Then I just grab or pack how many kits I need.

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That’s what I do.  Before I put them in the bathroom I prep a whole box 👍🏻


I always take shower without my bag.

Have my bag almost  3 yrs now and it's not reversible 

Winnie The Pooh

I take a shower without the bag about half the time - it depends on timing, how Winnie (the Pooh) is behaving.

It's a nice feeling of being clean all over - and it gets the odd bits of adhesive and gives the skin some natural time before being glued up again.

Occasionally I have to do the dreaded "waffle-stomp", but that's a little secret only you and I understand! Shhhhh... :)

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Indeed I can fully equate with this comment - in its entirity.

I like your Profile name BTW

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