Omeprazole and Ileostomy!


Hello does anyone here with an ileostomy take omeprazole? I know the gel caps have coated beads that just come out in bag? Or any other PPI that will be absorbed with Ileo? Non enteric coated or? Thanks all


I take Lansoprazole, they are capsules but they seem to be digested just fine 🙂

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I stoped taking omprazole years ago due to side effects & found out from a nurse if you prop your headboard end of bed up with 2 x 4” house bricks to elevate at slight angle you won’t get acid reflux coming back up your windpipe at night?Also found Actazin tablets are more beneficial too!! 😊


Hi M,

  Omeprazole also comes in an immediate release oral suspension (liquid) form, and all three PPIs (Omeprazole, Esomeprazole, and Pantoprazole) also are available in powder packet form you just mix with water and drink.  I don't know if these are OTC or need a prescription, and I don't know the brand names.  I'd do some digging for you but have to head out for a bit.  I'm sure a call to your pharmacy tomorrow would get you the info you need.  I assume you're taking a PPI to slow your motility rather than for acid reflux.  



Hello M32023


I have an ileostomy - and if I have an imbalance in my diet - or eat really late ie just before sleeping - then I do take a couple of 20mg Omeprazole Gastr-o-resist capsules, hard.  HOWEVER usually although prone to acid reflux - I can totally eliminate AR by balanced eating {rarly have dinner before &:30 - 8:00 pm and Usually prone around Midnight - so not needing the six hours clear of food either as some do.

I would urge you to look at your diet rather than a chemical fix if at all possible.





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Yeah I completely would if able and its not even for acid reflux its due to too much acid in Brunner's Glands so in second part of Duodenum its a bummer but best treatment. Brunners Gland Hypoplasia showed on biopsy from endoscopy no tumors or polyps just enlarged from too much acid.

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Ahh, Sorry to hear this - rather a crass suggestion on my part - Undertand your reason for enquiry now - Your posted reply info will imform - which in turn may elicit response from others who may be aufait with your condition.

Hope Others come forward with thoughts for you - and 2024 is a good Year.

Best of Luck.


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Thanks much and likewise 😊



I take dexilant which is the same family of drugs. I was on the time release capsules prior to my illeostomy and since I had a full rx still, my Dr said to see how it went. I have not had any issues with the capsules not being digested or coming out in my bag. I am still taking them and also have no issues with acid reflux so they are still doing what they are supposed to.

Hope this helps!


I take the prescription but a small dose at 20 MG per day. No issues really. 

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Hi, I’ve been taking omeprozole for over 4 years, what side effects did you experience? Is there a natural alternative?

Reply to whackjob74've got the best Username on here!  I'm still LMAO!!  You go girl!


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Hi Ajs,

  Here you go........from the ol' innerweb;

The long-term use of PPIs is associated with some serious and rare adverse effects including renal diseases (acute interstitial nephritis, acute kidney injury, chronic kidney disease, end stage renal disease), cardiovascular disease (myocardial infarction, stroke), hepatic disease (hepatocellular carcinoma), fractures, infections (Clostridioides difficile infection, Community-acquired pneumonia, COVID-19), micronutrient deficiencies (hypomagnesemia, anemia, vitamin B12 deficiency, hypocalcemia), dementia, and gastric cancer.