Ostomy belt


Hi does anyone who uses an ostomy belt have any advice? I am starting to use Hollister convex with a belt and so far, two days no leaks! 


what kind of advice you looking for? the belt is the answer to many stop- leak issues.  plus extra support. wearing a wrap too help curb a hernia. 

whatcha looking for advice-  wise?

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I use the thin belt that comes with the appliances all the time, I just prefer it that way, don't make it too tight.


Hi Just,

  People ask this question from time to time and it always makes me go 'huh'?  You've got a barrier stuck to you with just some adhesive bandage holding it on, that if any part of the seal fails........you'll have a leak that will end up fouling the whole adhesive part causing the barrier to fall off.  So they put attachment points on the bag/barrier for a belt, which will not only help with the adhesive adhesion, but keep pressure on the barrier in the event of a leak.  And people ask if they should wear a belt?  It's like asking if you should wear your seat belt while driving.  If you're daring and don't mind the mess if an accident happens.........leave it off.  If you like peace of mind or knowing you're doing everything possible to avoid embarassment (or worse)........put it on.  It's really that simple.  

  Some find a belt uncomfortable.  I know I did.  But after a week or two you forget it's there and feel naked if you don't have it on.  Some folks have such great adhesion of their barrier to their skin they say they don't need it.  Most aren't that lucky.  For me.........I'd say it's a no-brainer.  But they invented the term 'no-brainer' for a reason.......if you get my drift.  


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OMBro..u nailed it. 

no brainer and seat belt analogy


( he has had experience in both as car crash dummy testing vehicles for the D.O.T.)

How to Manage Ostomy Leaks with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister
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Hmm, I wear my bag at an angle so it fits completely in my panties. This means that those attachment points on the wafer are at an angle and can’t snap evenly onto a belt. I’ve also tried other belts and their round openings that fit over the wafer actually pushed against the wafer and jostled it making me fairly certain that the wafer would start to come off. I really wanted to like using a belt - seemed like good insurance against leaks. 🤷🏼‍♀️ 


 You do know that Not all ostomy bags have the  loops  for the belt 

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and that is crime indeed. not having those attachments. whats worse maybe is not having an e-z poppet valve on  bag top to purge gas and add fluid.

that will be the next big thing for sure..

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added protection equates to added assurance ....confidence too.

6 yrs ago when they sent me home with this  contraption,  they leave u clueless regarding accessories. even options.. I kept blowing that flange daily.  common sense told me there should be a  belt.  i had to ask. i got the new appliance with loops. big difference.  

i mean if we were trees..standing still all day- night  i could see not using a belt.  

just gotta have my belt. i wear a wrap too.

and the bulge- that little boobie mound- aka as hernia-  has stayed small restrained using these two methods.


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There's always one in the group that HAS to be different, eh eefy? 

Well..........I've heard from a reputable source that Warrior wears his bag completely in his panties too.........so maybe he'll explain how he does it.  And hopefully without pictures!!  


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i told u Bob, not to mention that in public.!!! BTW..the crotchless ones you  sent for xmas were a hit.

so back to smack...

should i mention yur penal implant? (ooops my bad)..




Not that I have leak issues but I wish my bags had belt clips on them. I also think the belts need to be wider than those 1inch ones that the regular ostomy bag places have. 


I use the thin Hollister clip on belts occasionally around the house. 

Mostly use Nu-Hope support belts.  For work, I use a 3 inch wide one.  The belt holds in my paristomal hernia, but my stoma is visible as a bulge.

Also use a 4 inch wide belt with prolapse strap for going out to dinner or church.  The strap pushes my stoma down a little.  My ostomy is barely visible while wearing it.

At first, belt pressure caused skin damage around my stoma from the wafer hole.  I added a barrier ring.  This works real well.  I now cut the wafer hole larger and use the moldable barrier ring to seal around the stoma.

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 I don't understand why they don't . Just like I don't understand  why some bags will have the option of either filterless and filter yet some only come with a filter in certain brands they make zero sense on alot of things and  Therea so.many things they could be doing but the problem is most of these companies don't actually have an ostomy so they don't really know first hand how there own product works and in many ways doesnt. They need someone that has one coming up with ideas for wafers and bags and everything else.. I have a million ideas and ways they can improve and make something new that would work as I am sure all of us on here do. I think we should all get together and make our own line. 


f you use a belt with your Hollister 2 piece you will know that the belt rolls up and becomes very uncomfortable. To fix this I have put the Hollister clip at the end of the belt onto a Coloplast belt. It's only a 15 minutes job to cut the Hollister clip from the Hollister belt and then sew it onto a Coloplast belt as shown in the photo.



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Belts are optional.  I chose to wear a belt for a couple of reasons.  First a slight pressure around my convex bag might prevent a parastomal hernia since it acts much like a hernia belt.  Secondly, I have heard about blow outs with stomas with stool everywhere.  I believe a belt adds security to the placement of the barrier.  After I change my barrier I will slightly tighten my belt temporarily to set my barrier.  I believe a belt adds security.  


I wear a belt. If it's advice you're looking for, here's some:

Always keep a spare belt. Accidents are rare, but can and do happen and you need a spare or two just in case. No one wants to wear a wet belt after washing it.

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I second that. I had an awful lot of leaks prior to wearing a belt. Now they are very few and far between, rare in fact, and usually as a result of turning on my side in bed.  It's also become a habit to hold my pouch when turning.

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Subconsciously you can do that in your sleep ..kind of weird right? have you tried wearing a t-shirt in bed??  I've been wearing one for the longest time.. not only does it keep the bag in place when you're turning somewhat it also acts as insulation ...if a bag were to blow...

it's kind of like a barrier in a sense between your bed sheets and your body ....catches most of the pooh.. if you have a blowout ..

but I do believe a belt is necessary 24/7.. whatever the width  is..

you got to keep that mounting bracket close . tight.  flush to your skin.


I wear a “stealth belt” with mine. I wear it daily, and sleep without it (as taking it off at the end of the day is like taking off a bra for you ladies, I assume. However, my ileostomy was converted to a colostomy in a second surgery after a few months with the ileostomy. The colostomy has far fewer leaks. But the stealth belt did help reduce the number of leaks with the ileostomy as well. Convex barrier with a “Eakin Cohesive” wax ring also helped me a lot. If you’re not getting a good solid seal, nothing’s going to stop the leaks. But finding the right supplies/process for you makes all the difference. That being said, I love my stealth belt and hope I never have to go without it. But sometimes I do have to get a breather without it, as it can feel like wearing a girdle. But the support is great. 


I have changed to a convex bag from Coloplast that I like much better and the belt to goes with that.  I was having a problem because my stoma was almost skin level on the left side. This has worked out the best for me and the belt was big help