Disability Tax Credit for Ostomates in Canada


Hi Guys,

  Just stumbled on to this one by accident, but figured I'd post in case any ostomates in Canada weren't aware of it.  Not sure when this was posted, so if it's out of date or things have changed don't shoot me.  Here you go!




Thanks Bob - not a bad program but it is income not needs based. Also, the medical requirements are somewhat onerous and require several pages of analytics from your Doctor. Like all Government programs I guess - some benefit greatly, others not so much. Appreciate the heads up for those in 'The Great White North ' who may not know about the Disability Tax Credit. Best 

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It's still in place.  I've been getting it for years and it gives me an $8,000 tax credit every year, so not bad.  The form may be several pages, but my Doctor filled it out pretty quickly, and anyone with an ostomy qualifies, so not onerous at all in my opinion!


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Thanks Terry - was told by the Accountant that there substantial claw backs involved because of income. Will double check....thanks again. Best, Bryce 

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Hi, I just got it last year for my presurgical bowel issues and now have an illeostomy. It was my Dr who suggested is and it was a very easy form for her to fill out. Not only did I get it without any issues, they backdated it 10 yrs as my issues were longstanding. This triggered revenue canada to also review my tax returns for the past 10 yrs and I got a significant refund for all of the 10yrs at once. Mine is also deemed permanent so no need to ever fill out the form again. I highly reccommend you talk to your dr about it, your accountant is misinformed.





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Thanks Marina - I'm meeting with my Doctor next Monday. Best, Bryce

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Yes, that's one of the things I like about it.  As long as your condition is permanent, they don't bug you again.  You just claim the exemption every year and no more questions asked or forms to fill out.