Totally blind ostomate.

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Hi there guys i read bills post about working blind. Well i am a totally blind lady with a stoma. I want people to know that you can be 100 percent independent with the stoma. I want to support people who have sight issues or anyone who wants to know more about this. I have got some unique ways of managing my stoma so if anyone wants to know more please message me thanks.


How did you know Bill’s post was there? 

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I use a screen reader called voiceover on iPad and iPhone so i can read with my ears.


i have no doubt that a blind person can learn to do just about anything. i used to have a blind friend and she would take pictures with her phone and make videos on youtube and do just all sorts of things. i think once you learn how to aproach a situation you can learn to adapt it to your needs. i didnt see bills post but i don't doubt that you can manage your stoma on your own. it's your body, why wouldn't you know how to manage.


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You probably have to listen to a lot of babbling on here from some. 😁🤭 😬

Staying Hydrated with an Ostomy with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister

Hello whitinge73.
Thanks for your post and for reading mine.
I am fascinated to hear and read about people's experiences, methods and procedures in overcoming obstacles in their lives and dealing with stomas is no exception in this regard.
I had not heard of 'voiceover' before, so looked it up. When I get a bit more time I will try it out on some of my rhyme to see what the synthetic voice sounds like.

When I was much younger, I did have a blind client who was only too willing to share his wealth of experience with that condition and it was a real 'eyeopener' for me at the time.
As I usually try to document these experiences in rhyme, this was no exception. So, I'll share the rhyme with you in the hope that it expresses my sincere thanks both to him, to you,  and to all the people who have deemed to share their experiences with others. 
Best wishes



Once I knew a blind man
who made it seem so real,
that he was locked in darkness 
and round the world would feel.

Graphically he showed to me
his failures and his hopes,
as I watched the way that he 
did fumble and did grope.

Then with a grin, did hold his chin
away up in the air.
Off he marched, no stopping him,
as if he had no cares.

Inviting me to come along,
he showed me how it’s done.
Each bold step was never wrong,
he made it look like fun. 

Young man, he said, with knowing smile
and face so wrinkled kind.
I need no eyes to walk a mile –

Perhaps the question should be asked,
who saw most along the way?
For sight can other senses mask
and blind to certain things YOU STAY.

Think about it! 


                                                                B. Withers 1988
                                           (in: Catharsis 1992)


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