Braun IryPump Discontinued: How to Convert to 12V Mains Power

Douglas john
Apr 21, 2024 5:39 pm


If you irrigate using the Braun IryPump, you will know that the appliance has been discontinued by Braun. There are no replacements due to faults, and they will no longer undertake any repairs. This leaves current users in a very difficult place. The pump has had a very poor track record of reliability, usually due to battery/charging issues. I've had four replacements over the years, all due to power issues. If you are currently using an IryPump, you will know that it is only a matter of time before the pump fails, leaving you high and dry.

Braun will not help you. I was placed in that situation a couple of weeks ago when my pump failed to recharge. I was forced to resort to a gravity water bag with limited success. I'm not an electrician, but it crossed my mind that, although the pump won't work using its internal battery, perhaps it might be possible to convert it to run on mains electricity, stepped down to 12V DC, as most small water pumps use. There were no safety issues as the voltage involved is only 12V.

With very little difficulty, I was able to convert the pump to run perfectly normally on a 12V supply. Converting it was not at all difficult, nor expensive. I got all the bits I needed from Amazon. If you're able to wire a three-pin plug, then you'd have little problem in converting your pump. I have produced detailed instructions on how to resurrect your pump when it fails, which it surely will.

Apr 21, 2024 11:25 pm

Just curious, do you know the PSI output of this pump? I personally don't need a pump to successfully irrigate, but I know there are some that do. I also know that there is a small pump sold for fish aquariums and wonder if one of those could be adapted. Any small motor such as these has a life limited by the brush life; most do not have a serviceable brush assembly. Just thinking out loud.

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Douglas john
Apr 22, 2024 7:53 am
Reply to mild_mannered_super_hero


The psi needs to be very low to successfully irrigate. The variable resistor allows control of the water flow. I've experimented with fish tank pumps, but they are difficult to regulate to the low volume needed and lack the back pressure required. The Irypump pump is designed to work smoothly at low pressures. For an appliance that costs in excess of $500.00, the pump should work well for a long time.