Frustrations with Ostomy Supply Customer Service

Jun 17, 2024 12:08 am

I'm having problems with my company. The products aren't the issue. It's customer service. Not finding faxed prescriptions. Not sending correct forms to MD. Not calling or emailing me with what they need. I've had an ileostomy for 4 years and all of a sudden these problems are here. Can you tell me what company you are happy with and why?

Thank you.

Jun 17, 2024 3:03 am

Hi, I use Edge Park. People here hate them.

They have been good to me since 2016.

Online ordering. No live person needed. Works for me. Good luck.

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Jun 17, 2024 5:44 am

I use a pharmacy here in Omaha. They send me a text each month asking if I need supplies; I say yes. My supplies show up about 3 days later. 🤷‍♂️

Audrey Warren
Jun 17, 2024 11:11 am

Edgepark always has info on file and customer service is very good.

Jun 17, 2024 12:38 pm

I use One Source Medical. Their number is 866-834-7473. I used to use Byram, but when COVID started, they were doing the same and got lazy. Not filling my prescription, etc. I get my stuff 100% covered, and for 4 months, I had to pay totally out of pocket for my supplies, even with my caseworker from my insurance company working on them. It basically caused me to have my credit ruined as it was either pay my credit cards and go without supplies or get supplies and not pay those cards. They basically ruined me financially, and there was no reimbursement from insurance. I've had very good customer service with One Source Medical.

What I like about One Source is that they get my stuff together and send it a couple of days after I call or order by text. I only had one issue during my prior authorization, but the manager got on it and fixed that. I've been using them for the past 2 years since the Byram ordeal.

How to Manage Emotions with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister
Jun 17, 2024 2:02 pm

I'm happy with Better Health Supplies, Inc.  415-475-8444 

Jun 17, 2024 4:00 pm

Bryham is who I have right now; I have also used Comfort Medical, the two I have had the most success with, and Edge Park, who by far is the worst. They scheme and lie, and they forget to send bags out with the rest of your order. As for Prism, I wouldn't even try them; they won't send out the brand you want or need. They will send out what they want to send out.

Jun 18, 2024 4:54 am
Reply to warrior

I've used Edgepark for a year and a half. No complaints. Orders are always correct. I make lots of special requests, and they follow through correctly. I always call and speak with a sales associate.



Jun 18, 2024 11:26 pm

I use EdgePark. I tried using their ContinuCare service, but it never worked correctly — once they sent me an order with no bags. Another time, they attempted to ship my order twice during the same month. I stopped using ContinuCare and started ordering through a sales representative each month, with no problems since.

Jun 19, 2024 1:31 am
Reply to Beachboy

I avoid using the telephone at all costs. I liked their online service. That continued care feature isn't too bad, but I don't like their warnings that I'm due to reorder supplies. That is a bit of an issue. But otherwise, I'm stocking up on my appliance needs. It's been good for me.

Jun 19, 2024 1:00 pm
Reply to warrior

I've been stocking up too.

I'm going to keep a box of bags and wafers separate. Store them until way after their expiration date. Then use them and see what happens.

Jun 19, 2024 6:02 pm
Reply to Beachboy

Do you think expiration dates matter? I think w30bob wrote something about this a while ago.

Thinking if supplies are kept at or above room temperature, there should be no issues with long-term storing them. What do y'all think?

Jun 19, 2024 9:55 pm
Reply to warrior

It's an interesting question. How long can ostomy supplies, like wafers and barrier rings, be stored? Most of us have a lot of extra "just in case" supplies. Storing at room temperature should provide maximum longevity.

With my colostomy, I have tested how long I can wait between wafer changes. So far, 10 days with no problem. Good to know if I ever get low on wafers.

Jun 20, 2024 2:29 am
Reply to Hisbiscus

Byram is the company I'm having issues with. Thank you.

Jun 20, 2024 2:33 am
Reply to HenryM

Byram is the company I'm having issues with. Thank you.

Jun 20, 2024 2:33 am

Thank you, everyone.

Jun 21, 2024 2:45 pm
Reply to Chiquis

I use Better Health.

I like them because they schedule appointments monthly with someone who has the same health condition.

The lady I speak with always finds the perfect solutions for my problems.

Jun 22, 2024 3:10 pm
Reply to Beth22

Thank you! Edgepark has been a pain in my FrontButt from my very first order in March '24. I thought it was just me, being inexperienced. Every single order raised questions, needing at least two separate phone calls and endless telephone trails to resolve. This month, I had a Medicare representative on the phone with Edgepark and me to resolve issues over their saying Medicare refuses to pay for a product (a lie!). When the supplier agent got off the line, I thanked the Medicare representative for the help, and her response was that she had never heard a supplier be so disrespectful to a client. She confirmed my decision to move to a different company.

Jun 23, 2024 12:52 pm
Reply to B@tLady


Yes, they are... and no one knows what is going on. When they didn't send my bags but the rest of the stuff, I called and someone told me, "Oh, it's on back order." I said I couldn't wait; that's the most important part. She said she would resend it the next day. I called two days later and was told it was never sent out. I asked for a refund and sent back what they did send me. Put it this way: I sent back the stuff they did send, they confirmed they got it, said the refund was on the way, and then turned around and sent me a bill saying I owed them. I went back and forth for an entire year. My insurance company had been on the phone with them too, and then they turned around, kept sending me bills, and harassed me with phone calls.

I honestly don't know how they are still in business; they shouldn't be. I am glad you switched.

Jun 23, 2024 2:35 pm

I've had Edgepark since 2015, and ever since I got on Medicare, ugh, they have been awful. I have private insurance as well; maybe I should not have given the Medicare info. Items that I have always used, they now tell me I have to have a prescription. What? I guess they have to have a new prescription signed by your doctor at the first of every year now. I agree, their customer service is awful, and I am considering finding a new provider.

Jun 23, 2024 4:33 pm
Reply to onecoolnana12

I just called my specialty/hernia surgeon, and he renewed my supply prescription. My other colorectal surgeon renewed the prescription for support belts. So far, it's working well and I have had no problems with Edgepark. I always call a representative to review my order and ask if Edgepark has everything required for the order. Also, any charges go to my VISA card they have on file. Fingers crossed it continues to work well.

Jun 23, 2024 4:58 pm

I believe, in Ohio, they have two Edgepark dealers. Are we talking about either of them? Or are there franchises? Such a broad range of comments. Wow!

I know there are two, because I used the other unknowingly and they had no updated information on me. Even my address was wrong, and that's when I noticed a difference in the cities of the two.

Talk about love-hate relationships! This is one among everyone here.

Jun 25, 2024 11:29 am
Reply to onecoolnana12

The way to do it is to call the different distributors and ask if they accept your insurance. Your insurance company doesn't know the full list of ostomy distributors because they don't even know what an ostomy is. So, they will give you maybe one off a list that your insurance covers. The distributors know more than the insurance company does when it comes to your coverage—sad but true. I found this out firsthand when I first got my ostomy, and the insurance company was giving me numbers, and they gave me ones for insulin pumps, heart monitors, and catheters. Since with the insurance company it gets filed under durable medical equipment, and they have no idea which places do ostomy supplies and which don't. Sad to say, but true. So, call different distributors; they will tell you right off the bat if they take your insurance.

Jun 25, 2024 11:31 am
Reply to warrior

That would be the one. Like I said, I have no idea how they are still in business.

Audrey Warren
Jun 25, 2024 4:22 pm
Reply to Beth22

I'm sorry so many of you are having problems with Edgepark. As I stated earlier, I think they're a good company and have never had any problems with them in the two and a half years I've worked with them. It may be that I'm lucky enough to have very good insurance, and I never mentioned Medicare.