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I irrigate everyday and was always successful with it. I now have three large hernias and find it impossible to clean out my colon all the way, being blocked somewhat with the hernias.  Usually an hour or two the remaining works its way out then. I tried less and more water but still the same results.    Anyone else have this problem with hernias and irrigating?
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yes, i know exactly what you mean. i irrigate and have a medium size hernia. you can still irrigate successfully, i find that a 4-5 hour fast before irrigation as well as a light meal afterwards really helps. you may have to lightly hold everything in place while getting the water in and on your return...trial and error will be the best teacher. i stand while doing it, again i think this helps keep everything in place. keep in mind that i am not a dr. or this is just my experience and not a professional opinion. if you still have problems, pm me and i`ll try to be more specific. good luck and keep us posted as to progress......

I don't know about hernias but I was having trouble with the slow, gravity-feed system to get sufficient water in to do the job properly.  This is probably due to the new-found feeling of 'freedom' to eat anything and everything since my op. I know that there are now occasional 'blockages' because once the irrigation starts to work the blockages are released and become obvious.  As I am now enjoying eating what I want to, I would rather look for mechanical solutions to the problems rather than go back to  a dietry staight-jacket.

I'm a gagdet-man myself  so I adapted a hand pressure-pump system from a weedkiller spray to help give the water input some gentle pressure. This seems to work fine but it does appear to alter the output. Most of it ejects within about 20 minutes or so, but the last (watery) bit takes about an hour or so before it  comes out.

My ostomy nurse informs me that one of the companies ( I think it's Coloplast) have plans to bring out a pressure system for irrigation in the autumn so you might like to look out for that rather than make your own!

I have plans of my own, now that I know that pressurised water input is helpful.  

I thought of adapting one of those hydration backpacks that cyclists use. These come in various sizes and are easily transportable.  They look like a relatively 'normal' rucksack (unlike a weedkiller spray)  and would be able to be pressurised by simply leaning backwards on the toilet.  The other advantage I envisage is  that there is a large inlet opening so when the container is not filled with water it could  carry other things like bags, plugs,wipes etc.

I realise that most people will not want to be experimenting like I do but it needs people to try new things in order to get the best out of our sometimes difficult to manage lives. I believe that new approaches need to be developed by us who suffer with the problems rather than some designers and mechanics who don't try their experiments out on themselves first.

I hope that you find this useful in your own effort to sort your  problems.

Best wishes


I say Bowling green Kentucky, I love your Avatar!

Primadonna, I have only one hernia, at the Stoma.  This is bad enough so I cannot imagine having 3.  Yes, it does cause problems and is on the belt line so I have had to resort to wearing braces to keep my trousers up.  I irrigate every second day, sometimes I have to go 3 days depending on circumstances.  Even then I have a smallish output.  I somehow feel that our food intake AND the kind of food we eat has a great deal to do with how well we feel.  The effects of adhesions are many and varied not 2 people react the same.  I get pain from eating "the wrong things". I cannot eat red meats unless minced. So, if I attend a BBQ some where, I take some rissole patties with me for myself and a scotch fillet for my wife.  I have Pork cutlets with an onion sauce or perhaps a casserole chicken even a creamy Beef Stroganoff. I am the family cook by the way.

As a point of interest, adhesions pain feel to me like a building up over about 10 seconds to a peak then an easing back to zero for another 10 seconds then reoccurs for about 6 hours.
It is not pleasant until it stops.

Good luck

Hi, Bill!
You are a very inventive man.  Good for you!  I don't irrigate but do have an incisional hernia (caused by the surgery for the colostomy) around the stoma.  It is annoying and sometimes it is uncomfortable.   My surgeon says because of adhesions, he would prefer not to operate - doesn't want to reverse the colostomy and doesn't see any point in repairing the peri-stomal hernia -- says return rate is greater and the risk of surgery isn't worth it in his estimation.  My concerns are with the bowel telescoping into itself because of the hernia.  I can reduce it by pressing on it but of course it comes right back out.  I did buy a belt for the hernia, but during the middle of the night, it pulled off my entire pouch, bag, etc.  I am not a restless sleeper either (confirmed by my husband.  My poor husband (he is a saint) had to help me get washed again (full shower), strip the bed and make it all over again, clean up the carpet, put soiled things in the washer and put on clean night clothing, etc.  OK, so much for that system LOL.  $59.00 plus shipping down the drain (so to speak).  You sound like you have things under control.  I'm still learning (surgery May 20 this year).  Didn't even know I had anything like this (ruptured diverticulum and other diverticulae).  I had no prior symptoms.  One good thing that happened as a result of this "adventure" is that I have met people in this forum and several others.  You all are a blessing to me!!
I have a hernia and irrigate daily and found the process was a little slow also. What works for me is to elevate the water bag to increase the pressure, works noticebly better. Just on a side note, for every foot in elevation you increase the pressure 1/2 PSI.
I like Bills idea using a pump, I can see how that would be more efficent, only question is , can you damage your bowels with too much pressure ?
Cheers Bob.
On a side note, if i raise the water bag 1 ft higher it empties about 10 times faster than the recommended height (just above shoulder) that 1/2 psi makes a big differnce,

Cheers Bob
Your situation sounds exactly like mine.
Diverticulum, stomal hernia, adhesions, just about everything.
I have had mine for 6 years now with minimal problems.
I irrigate daily with good results most days.
Actually when traveling I do it twice, back to back just to be safe.
I was wondering if you or anyone else does this?
Any reason I shouldn't do it?

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