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Colostomy Reversed 6 Months Ago... Where's Normal?


I had an 'emergency' colostomy in May 2010. I was told I had diverticulitis, but it turns out I had a ruptured appendix causing peritonitis. I wore my colostomy (or it wore me) for 11 months. I had the reversal in April 2011, and they also repaired a fairly sized parastomal hernia. Six months later, I still have 'accidents'. Just when I think it's gas, I have a mess. There is always an urgency when I have to go, so knowing where facilities are is always a top priority. Carrying extra clothes is a necessity, and going out on a boat is out of the question. The hernia is back but plays hide and seek when I see my doctor. My bum is always irritated, and I haven't figured that one out yet. It's like baby rash. Cornstarch seems to work better than over-the-counter remedies. Food is an issue. I must eat fruit with cheese, or I can't go. I must eat cheese with fruit, or I just go and go. Everything must be balanced out.
My doc says no way to know when things will settle down, if they do. No doubt this is better than the bag, but geez, I wonder if getting back to normal will ever happen. I understand how folks feel self-conscious; first with the bag, now with miles of scars everywhere and another hernia to boot. I was glad to be single before the reversal, but now I'm just lonely and can't lift anything.
This is my story, and there apparently wasn't anything wrong with my colon in the first place. I can't imagine what this would be like if there had been.
I don't think reversals are a heal-all. Just something to think about if you're considering it.

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hey Rosie i have had 3 reversals darlz and the stoma is the best thing i ever did i understand everything you mean ..But shite i would be furious if i didnt need one in the first place hunny what about taking Imodium ????  also Codeine helps proplem is its addivtive but always helped slow things down for me plus 12 or 20 immodium Tablets a day YEAH but i have ulcerative Crohns disease so really no tablets STOPPED the poopin but did slow and thats good you know every toilet where ever you go i do feel for you hunny its unpleasant i remember waiting in lines shopping and just starting to feel it coming on so the more i started to worry the more urgent it got i used to just drop everything and RUN ... Hey if u gotta go You gotta go i hope your symptoms do slow down asap xxxx mooza ..Australia xxxx   Oh remember the Library too xx
Thanx Mooza,
I understand the waiting in line thing. If  I ever get constipated, all I have to do is find a line to wait in, gets me going everytime!!! LOL
At leat us Osto's do have a common thing Laughter hahahah sorry i wasnt any help though i used to think ohh i wish i had that bloody pouchy when i did the dunny (Toilet) run argg literally yeah a pain in the arse oops um if the spelling is wrong must be my computer HAHA if i can remember any more suggestions i will pop them back on here for ya ..icecream container in the car !! Yikes hahahahah sorry just popped into my head omg i think i would of used some bushes from time to time hahah gross but reality LOL arghhh
hi rosey ,
i have a similar story to yours , emergency surgery after a massive abses ruptured the bowel , but they found cancer as well , which was removed they took a foot of bowel and 12 lympnodes, and 18 months later with a hernia the size of a foot ball and a colostomy. my partner walked out 6 months ago , i am waiting for the reversal.
they say i have crhones but it is mild and there is a risk that the reversal with fail.
i am interested in your corn starch remidy , what do you do for it and how does it work?
I eat twice a day metamucil wafer bars 1pkg in the morning anf 1 pkg at nigh. that keeps me from dumping I also so take immodium 1 morning and 1 at night, doing good , but trying to not gain anymore weight, thats what I,m confused about, back problems that keeps me from exercising like a should,I am having a procedure I am having a chronic pain relief stimulator put in my back next week I hope , so I can get some more exercising done. Bless You
Never heard of cornstarch method
I felt better when I had my bag, I,haven,t felt well since my reversal. and I have a huge hernia where I had the takedown, no energy, gaining weight which makes my hernia hurt worse.
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