Loopogram: Annual necessity or excessive precaution?


Is anyone familiar with a procedure called "loopogram"? I had my ileal conduit done in December '09 and was advised post-op to have this done annually. It's an expensive procedure done to check for patency and integrity of the urostomy. I realize this is important, but I question whether it needs to be done every year. Would appreciate feedback from any long-term urostomates. Thanks.

Hi Poobear,

This is my personal experience with loopograms.......

I've had my ileal conduit since '72 and have had only 3 loopograms. I had one loopogram about three months after my initial procedure. I had another in '77. The last was 2 years ago just to see how the conduit was holding up in its old age.

Loopograms are usually only indicated as a diagnostic procedure if you are experiencing complications such as severe acute kidney infections that might indicate a change in the conduit.

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Feeling a bit embarrassed. Confused spelling of ileal conduit with ileostomy. Thanks for your response.


Hey Poobear, please don't feel embarrassed by your spelling... Have you ever read my replies? - Mooza hahahahah lololol I'm sure everyone understands what you mean. xx


I agree with IamSam.

From 1975 to 1991, I had an annual loopogram. The radiologist would look at the results, say, "Looks the same," and then send me home.

It seems that after the procedure has had the opportunity to become more stable, the loopogram test would be best used when there are reasons to suspect that something has changed.

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Dear Mooza

I've read a lot of your replies and I always get a chuckle out of you. You're adorable. I'm always encouraged by your positive attitude. So good to have this support. Thanks
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