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Ostomy preparedness

An ostomate should not have problems during sexual intercourse, unless he/she is neglecting proper maintenance of ostomy appliance.  The pouch itself may create some discomfort during intercourse; however, smaller pouches are available to lessen the interference of longer pouches!
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Hi I have come up with something so simple to keep the bag out of the road.......1)....A piece of thick elastic sewn together...making sure of course that its not too tight.(dont want half of you going numb).up the leg like a suspender as far as it will the end of the bag in ,and a fun night had by all...2)Bowl covers.....they came first , made from plastic....then made one out of material,,as the noise of plastic can be annoying....they come in a lot of different sizes.....holds it up and away..even goes under sexy lingerie....nothing to see and an even better night had by all.,.....if your good with a sewing machine you could go into business..going as far as custom made with your own logo or saying.... made for ur i come up with any more...let u know...chow baby.....
For all you guys out there wearing a bag --I too did not adapt well at first having a bag in front of me while contemplating sexual intercourse----then I got out my tuxedo cumberbund ......everyone loves a man in a tux and the cumberbund covers the bag easily and you completely forget about it.......they also come in an array of colors and fabrics.....looks great also.......also I started to irrigate about a year ago and this also has given a lot of freedom as the companies offering colostomy supplies also make a small cap bag which is really small.....those of you wanting more freedom should check it out with your ostomy nurse to see of you are a canditate.........if so you will see an incredible change in your habits  as you will feel completely more free and not worry about what you eat or where you are...or the fact you are wearing a bag.........So guys try the cumberbund size fits all and your partner will not even know you are wearing a bag.......  Take care everyone.....
What a great idea, and ladies...boob tube tops or the wide material belts....also there is a place in the US that sells the most beautiful ostomy pouches for us ladies...they are called my heart intricate and pretty i would love to get hold of one...or would want to show it off..good luck to all and seasons greetings..xx
Hey Wab!!! yea I thought of the cummerbund idea, but wasnt sure if it would work. I dont have an evening suit at present so I ordered a cheap cummerbund off Ebay---thanks for testing first ---& sharing Idea!!!

I am now going to be the sharpest dressed dude ( nude) in our house!!
Way to go you guys.....been keeping an eye on you both...Be back in 2 days to let you know how the next few days go..keep up the good work ya funny buggers.Mwah!!!
i just had a friend stitch up a device that fits around my waist covers everything up and bang away LOL works like a charm actually i should patent it lol now my only problem is gettingsome


A comberbund!!!  What an excellent idea!!
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