Looking for a Reusable Rubber Wafer


Is there a wafer for something out there that I can buy two and just switch every week? I tried to look up the history of wafers to see how people did it 30-50 years ago.


Not sure what you are referring to - what kind of wafer and what are you using it for?

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Hi Tess,

I have an ileostomy and a few years ago, I met a man who uses a rubber wafer and he has two of them. He switches every week the wafer for 50 years. Since I pay for all of my supplies, I am looking into alternative, less disposable methods.

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There used to be rubber flanges, thinks that's the same as wafers, but I don't know if they're still in use. You could ask your health provider or ring some supply reps up. Good luck. Ambies.


50 years ago, I used plastic wafers from Torbot Company in Rhode Island. I had a few, at least two at a time, and switched off when I needed to change.

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Hi Bumba,

Why did you stop using them? How long did they last?

Hi Ambies,

I asked my healthcare provider, but they don't know. I have an ET that I hope to ask soon. She was a nurse with my mother. She is about 85 now but still practicing nursing with ostomy.

I wanted to ask - how is the Crohn's treating you? I have my ups and downs due to food. The bag is still a huge source of embarrassment for me. I'm going to ask for information from members in a different post.

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Hi Jaz, fortunately my Crohn's seems okay but I keep having blockages. I'm having tests done to see if my Crohn's is active or not, but I still have ups and downs. I hope you get more responses from others if you can about rubber wafers. I do know there are some people who still use them. I see a stoma nurse once a month, I will ask her if she has any information on how to obtain one. I will post on here as soon as I have any news for you... Tc, good luck... Ambies.

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