Stomach swelling and hardness with Hollister pouch - seeking answers


My stomach is swollen and hard where the appliance is attached. I am using Hollister pouch #18324 (new image) with Hollister Skin Barrier 14204 (new image). The material is cloth, not plastic, which is much better, but I do not understand why my stomach is hard in this area. Does anyone have an answer? I have been wearing an appliance for about one year now. My appliance is attached on the left side, and on the right side, my stomach is soft in comparison to the left side.


I am using similar appliances, NJ, but on the other side. My stoma rests on top of a firm mound about the size of half a grapefruit. My GI doctor says it looks pretty normal. You should ask your doctor to check it out too. He/she will probably tell you the same thing, but be sure to ask anyway.


Hey, could it still be your body trying to recover? I have that hard feeling, but it's adhesions. What about a CT scan? Can't hurt, right? xx Mooza xx What about another brand of pouch? There are plenty out there. xxxxxxxxxxx

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I've had mine for 15 months now, large swollen tummy. I've had an ultrasound to see if I've got a hernia. I really hope I haven't, no more surgery... PLEASE!


I have a hard area at times. It really gets large and hard like a grapefruit. I do not know why it changes so much, but I use two different supplies according to what my belly is doing so that the appliance stays on the shape of it. I think mine is a hernia, but a doctor told me the surgery is more dangerous and it could come right back, so I wear long tight underneath tanks, then another on top for support. I have been told I can get a belt that will hold it in. Insurance does not cover, I do not think.

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I have the same thing, sometimes more swollen than others. I think it is when stool is in the intestines and after it passes through, it goes down some. I do have a hernia, but I think I have had this problem for a long time now, so I don't think it is just the hernia problem. I also use a similar Hollister product, and it is soft and much better than the ones they give you to go home from the hospital with. Show your doctor and see what he says. Good luck, Joyce.


Hi! I have a similar thing, too. It is a peristomal hernia (hernia around the stoma area which is caused from a weakness in that section of the abdominal wall - some of the colon 'escapes' into the hernia. I'd have your surgeon check it out, however!

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Thank you to everyone that has responded to my question. It's nice to know that some "mates" are having the same situation. I will ask the physician about the "hernia" at least now I know the term "label" for it. Thank you once again... really appreciate it!!! Someone asked about the "belt"... I have a "belt"... I have a Hollister Adapt Belt #7300. I called Hollister up and told them that I saw this product at a support group in New Jersey and would like one. They sent it to me for "free" along with other supplies that are "new".

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Mine is the exact same and was. Told possible hernia. I just got a CT scan to find out. This gives me hope it is normal for some people. We shall see.

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