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Well I'm certainly exited to be here and share. Yes I'm new

Alrighty then I'll spend the money. And a small price indeed because there is treasure here.
Just been browsing and I'll admit I'm enjoying this and certainly by this time tomorrow I should be engaged. I like the opportunity afforded, it allows for interesting as well as entertaining threads. Listen to me acting like I know what I'm talking about. I joined the site about a week and a half ago. Had my surgery a month and a half ago. Was dumped by my girlfriend about a month and three weeks ago. I certainly understand her reticence for staying involved with me which is why I've found myself here cruising for chicks on-line. Its not so much I need to be involved with someone. After Anne, my wife passed away it was about two years until I got out there. This time time around I have a little more BAGage I suppose {sorry but I'm new} and I've decided I'll not be mopeing about the house any longer. I'm returning to work real soon and if I can go to work to work, I can certainly do this right. Right! Besides I'm sure that here I'll be getting rejected by a much classier group of women. Alright  all kidding aside I am going to do this. For my confidence and dignity and self respect, I will start getting on with my life. Thanks for listening, I'm not sure why, but I felt it necessary to declare myself and so I did. Well it's late and I should be retiring soon but rest assured, I'll be here tomorrow. World and website beware, its me and I'm ready. Well tomorrow I'll be ready,right now I'm going to bed. But I enjoyed myself here a bit and again thank-you, until the 'morrow. Bye-bye.
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Hey Chrs,
Glad to see you enter the forum.  It sounds like you really have a sense of humor and won't be timid about engaging in controversal conversation.  Not argumentative but stimulating.  You will find other members up for the cause.  Just be careful about delicate subjects,(tongue in cheek).
anyway, welcome aboard.  and look forward to your posts.
Another welcome to you.  Nice to see you have such a terrific attitude, but guess I should expect that from a Christopher Moore fan.

Hey Chris,   sounds like you are ready to take on anything, and your attitude is great.  If you are feeling this good only after 6 weeks post op just think how you will feel 6 months from now.   Sorry about your being dumped, but that has happened to a lot of us.  Welcome to the group and good luck   Hometown     Joyce
welcome Chris

you sound like a great guy. sorry about your wife's untimely passing! I am sure her spirit 'force' is with you.

it's been about 15 months since I had my colostomy. if you're doing physical work, be sure to get support belt(s). I now do some weight lifting, work out, bike ride, play sports like tennis and golf, etc. ... with ("NuHope") support belts. Also be careful lifting; take it slower than usual with proper breathing. Don't jerk or lift anything very heavy for 6-9 months minimum, no matter how strong you feel. This is to avoid hernias.  

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