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Hartmann's Reversal and Hernia Repair at the same time

Hi, I have just joined the site and looking for anyone who has had a Hartmann's reversal and abdominal hernia repair done at the same time. I had emergency surgery in April and nearly died due to infection and my wound didn't heal for about 2 months I cannot have the hernia repaired without having a reversal and Iam really scared as I had no intention of having a reversal for a while as I feel really good, the best I have felt in about 2 years can anyone help.
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Hi there,
my husband too almost died when he had his emergency surgery in the summer.  He had the Hartmann's reversal in November and hernia repair done at the same time.  Hernia healed fairly quickly but his big incision is still getting abscesses in it, he is still not fully recovered.  Good luck to you and I wish you recover quickly and with no complications.
Take care
hi sounds a familiar story, i had a hartmans reversal and hernia repair in november, in the last week i am pain free the wound has nearly healed and i am going back to work in one week!
the surgeon used a massive bit of mesh to seal the hernia and this irritated my intestines which have been producing eulate . 3 weeks after the operation the wound split open and 3 pints of the stuff poured out theu left the small wound opened and it drained out in to a bag it has gradualy gone from around 200 mil a day to the last week where either no out put or around 20ml which is so encoraging.
so my advice would be to look for the tummy swelling as it may need draining.
I have been told the reson this happened is that I still have mild chrones disease and the bowel may have been irritated by the mesh.
it has been a slow painful process,but I am nearly there and I am glad I had it done1
please look at me previous threads to get some top tips for the operation and after care.
sunny x
Thank you for taking the time to reply, I don't have a date for op but will post an update and I hope your husband gets better soon.
Thank you for taking the time to reply i haven't got a date yet glad to hear your getting back to work. I will post when I have op.
hi i just had the reversal and dr discovered a very large hernia which i didnt know about.  he did both at the same time and i wont lie to you its very uncomfortable and you have to learn how to eat again.  i see my dr in 2 weeks i have alot to ask,,  You will be fine. its just a matter of healing
hope this helped good luck
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