Burst bag causing stoma bleeding

I woke this morning to find my bag had burst and quite a bit of blood was on me and the bed.All blood,nothing else.I have had my bag for two years and this is the second time its happened.The last time.the doctor said it was like a nose bleed,and would happen now and then.I had the camera in there at Christmas and all was clear.Anyone else had this problem.

Greetings Welshman! I do hope you contact your doctor again regarding the issue. Not to panic, stomas do bleed from time to time under various circumstances but the blood loss should be minimal, not shocking and not a bag full ...could be a number of reasons for it...did the bleeding stop?? Let us know how you're doing, make sure your body is getting enough iron, drink lots of water and let us know how you're doing!

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I agree with Doe - not a bag full - please let us know what happens.


Can I ask if you are on any blood thinners, like Clopidogrel or Aspirin or even Warfarin, only I'm on the first two for my heart, and these can make my stoma bleed and I have had a puddle of blood in the bag before. However, when I had what looked like blood coming out of the stoma rather than the surrounding area, then they gave me an endoscopy. Mine was clear, hope yours turns out OK too. Best to get it checked with somebody, ring the Stoma nurse if necessary. Jenny


Apparently, the bleed was from small blood blisters around my stoma. Little hernias. Thanks for your help.

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Glad to hear it wasn't something more critical.

I always remember the good advice my stoma nurse gave me ... blood that transfers onto a tissue/cloth when you clean off your stoma is fine. Blood that is flowing on its own ... check with a doc or emergency.

All the best to you.


Great news, Welsman. It must be a relief.

Hi Welshman,

A few years ago, I emptied my pouch and out poured about a quart of blood. I was quite concerned, so I removed the faceplate. The blood sprayed around my friend's all-white bathroom, walls, floors, etc. It was a mess. Originally, I thought it was from the stoma, so at 5 am, I called my doctor in NYC. He told me to get to the hospital. I didn't want to go to the local hospital. Since I was able to stop the blood by holding a towel over it, I called a friend to take me to the NYC hospital emergency room as the doctor directed.

It turned out that the bleeding was from a very small "bump" or "ulcer" right in the crease between the skin and where the stoma meets the skin. The surgeon's staff doctors (residents) cauterized it and managed to stop the bleeding, but I didn't get to see the surgeon that day. Sadly, it happened again the next day, so I was back in the emergency room for another cauterization. It was "scary," but I was told it wasn't dangerous.

I finally got to see the surgeon the following week, and he diagnosed the bump and subsequent lesions as "Pyoderma Gangarosum," which is actually ulcerative colitis on the skin. I've had a few more lesions through the years caused by a scratch that didn't heal on my scar, on my belly, and on my lower back where a pair of jeans irritated sensitive skin. Instead of healing the "minor" irritation, it turns into a deep hole (an ulcer) that then has to heal from the inside out. Each one took months to heal. The condition is not uncommon in people who have had Inflammatory Bowel Disease. You can Google Pyoderma Gangarosum/Ostomy pictures to see if it looks the same. It seems that it can happen anywhere on the body. Live and learn. And I thought that with the colon removed, the disease was gone. I'm now told that it's one of those immunosuppressant conditions that is systemic and looks for a good place to develop.

I hope this helps all of you so you're not as scared if it happens to you.

Best Regards


Thanks, Marsha. I hope you are doing well.

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