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Was in my daughters swimming pool for 2-3 hrs last Sat.  First time in 3 yrs since my stoma was installed.  It was Great.  My wafer is fine, as a matter of fact, I am still wearing the same one today, (Wed).  So C'mon people...Enjoy yourselves!!!
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My pool has been calling my name all summer!!!! I waded in the shallow end but the damn bag refuses to stay put! Epic fail!!! Glad you had a great day!!!
Notexpectingthis - Don't understand how your bag won't stay put?  With the lycra/spandex in swimming suits it should hold everything in place, if not wear a light weight girdle under your swimsuit.  I have been swimming for years, in salt water, river, ponds and pools and have never had a problem, hope this helps you to enjoy the rest of the summer in the pool.
I don't understand how your bag won't stay put either?  What kind of wafer do you use?  Do you have uneven skin which gives you a problem with good contact?  I just changed the wafer I swam with on Saturday an hour ago and it was fine.??????
I use a one piece Marlen bag. My stoma is recessed - & I am a little "fluffy" LOL!
Tim1948: I'm like you. Like almost everybody else living in FL, I have a pool right in my back yard and use it every single day (weather permitting)!! I can swim all day and my wafer still stays on 5-7 days even with swimming and showering. I guess I'm lucky. You are, too! I'm a bit confused when I see others blogging that they are afraid to shower or swim and I wonder why. My ileostomy has NOT stopped me from doing anything I love, nor would I let it!! I've only had mine 4 years, and have only recently come to terms with it being part of me for the rest of my, now I'm going to go for even more fun activities and not let it stop me. You do the same! PS: I don't have to use any "tape" either while in water!

I have to work up the courage. or just make myself experiment in the bath tub with a submerged appliance.
One word....TAPE!!! I put surgical tape around the edges and I'm just fine!! I don't think I even need to do that but it makes me feel better...
I was having a problem with my wafer coming off around the edges and that was taking the fun out of swimming for me ,I  could not get my mind off of what was going on under my bathing suit so  I went and had a talk with the owner of my medical supply store and he suggested
  SURE SEAL RINGS  wow its works great. You will never have to worry again its like a second skin on around the edges of your wafer plus you can wear it at all times ,if you are having any problems with your wafer or just for more reassurance.

    I hope this helps
hi all i,m like budd002 and just use pink tape around the edges i,ve gone into hot tubs and cold lake superior and never had any problems.   good luck ron in mich.
I agree with using Sure Seal rings.  They give you so much confidence.  Also, you might take a look at and check out their panties and wraps.  They also make some that are water friendly and this might be just the thing for you.  

Hope this helps.
i dont get it i have to change my bag everyother day or it leaks , it has never stopped bleeding since day one and water forget about it , i have tried EVERYTHING over the years and cannot feel safe in bed much less in water , some one please tell me what you use WAFERS i cant get them to even stick
I used a Marlen bag will shallow convexity & an Eakin seal for back up. So sorry you are having trouble my friend. Don't use any adhesive remover as this is a likely culprit to keep them from staying stuck properly. I always cleaned my skin with IVORY soap & water. Don't know if this will help? Prayers!
thank you , i don't use remover and i use ivory soap also , Eakin seal ? i have tried seals and they just don't stick , don't know
I use a holister 2 piece with the floating flange and I've been swimming since the first summer of my Ileostomy and I've never had a leak.  I'll wear it at least 2 days after swimming as well.

this is my n though we are first summer with my ileostomy and even though we are having beautiful weather at the moment im very nervous about the beach. ive bought wraps and they are great for wearing t shirts and vests but ive not cracked the beach yet. i will do it, i feel so well and healthy so thats gotta be a start

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