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Help in relieving excess gas

I dunno if this is really normal, but regardless of how i do things (chew food, dont take in excess air when i eat, no carbonated drinks, less sugar&milk) i find im producing a lot of gas, i have since i had my illestomy over a year ago now.
I wake up in the morning and find my bag about a guarter full of stool and full to burst with gas, im worried about this because im due for my reversal in a month or so hopefully.
Any suggestions? iv tried peppermint and other such obvious suggestions, im in the uk if thats of any help to anyone when it comes to tablets and such.
Thanks in advance guys.
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I have found that dramitically reducing the amount of carbohydrates in my diet (especially those from wheat based grains) has helped a lot.  Now, if the pouch manufacturers could just come up with a vent that works...

I have done some research lately and wonder if anyone has tried this ostomy vent product.
As for reasons unknown to me I seem to have difficulty in getting the hyperlink to post so here it is below and i will try to post the link directly.
Iv not seen those vents b4, quite expensive for what they are though (or is that just me?).
Annoyingly its only really at night that the excess gas causes any issues, not in a problematic way just annoying each morning having to carry it, just incase it pulls away from my stomach is all.
Sadly i have a very bad diet and have all my life, if i cut carbs out id hardly eat much but im sure i can try.
Cheers for advice guys.
In addition to Crohn's, I have celiac disease so if I accidentally get any gluten, I end up with the exact same problem at night! Sometimes the pressure is so great it rips the flange right off my skin! It is a great incentive to make sure I don't have any gluten in my diet (besides the fact that it hurts and gives me cramps and exacerbates my Crohn's).

If you are having that much gas, I would talk to my GI about having a celiac panel done to rule it out. They may have done it at some point and you don't remember/didn't know. If you don't test as having it, you could start eliminating foods one by one, starting with wheat, to see if you have a wheat or gluten intolerance that isn't due to celiac.

I know the idea of having to change your diet sucks, but if you are about to have a reversal, you really want to get your gas under control beforehand, since right now you don't have to worry about holding gas in or wondering if it will be "just gas".

Also, as far as the gas at night...I don't use vents at all because I find they don't work. I use a two piece system so I can get up and burp/empty in the middle of the night, but one option might be switching pouches to a larger bag at night. My system has a pouch intended for post-surgical use and holds over twice as much. Obviously, this doesn't work if you are using a one piece system.

I've not worked out the causes of my own gas thing. Doesn't seem to be consistent.
But I did learn about "burping", which I usually attempt to do while horizontal. Especially during the night.
I don't think I need to explain what that is, but give it a try for times your diet isn't controlling a ballooning bag.
Yes, I also think they are a bit expensive altho I sure would like to have a one or two. Burping is all well and good for when I'm at home. I would like to be able to burp from the top of the bag, maybe in the back closest to my skin or the flange. It just seems more convenient to be able to pop the little top off of that gadget and let out the gas rather than the way we have to do it now. Maybe it's just me, I like choices and convenience.
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