Need help with itchy skin reactions to ostomy bag adhesives?


I've always had problems with adhesives remaining on my skin for longer than 24 hours. I start getting itchy by the 2nd day, and by the 3rd, I find myself popping allergy pills like candy in an attempt to lessen the itches I can't scratch beneath the peel-n-stick part of my ostomy bags. It's especially worse in the event that the adhesive gets the tiniest bit wet. So sweating? Bad. And I have hot flashes from prednisone and pain medication withdrawal.

Any tips to help with the itching? I use Coloplast bags, if that helps. I tried Convatec's fancy 2-piece bags, but the adhesive was too strong in some places and weak in others, and was square in shape so it didn't fit my slightly swollen abdomen.

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Hi, I use Osteoguard Barrier Wipes with lavender oil. They are protective wipes that you put on the skin before applying the adhesive. I suffer from itchy skin all the time, but the wipes help calm the skin and heal it while wearing the pouch, and also keep the skin in good condition. The order code is RMC3. You can ring for samples and try them. I have never looked back since using these, and have tried many others, but these work the best for me. Good luck, TC Ambies...

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Hello simiberry,

This is one of the many things I get skin irritations with. It took me ages and a lot of experimentation to avoid reactions to the adhesive.  I also use the Coloplast bags but have tried many others. I didn't feel that any one bag was worse than another so I figured the answers were in the preparation. I cannot wear a bag for more that a day because the moisture from my skin and the ostomy releases the adhesive.

The routine that works best for me is to use whatever adhesive remover spray they send me to get rid of those annoying globules of adhesive that have stayed on the skin and yet get separated from the bag.(How does that happen?) Then I use a Brava -sting free barrier spray by Coloplast (sometimes I use a wipe when I get freebies).  I use a hair drier to make sure it's all dry before applying the bag.  Most of the time this works well and I get less skin irritation. When the skin starts to get sore I apply some fresh Aloe Vera and leave the bags off for as long as I can.  Thanks Ambies for your contribution and I will be very interested to hear how other people cope with this problem.

Best wishes  

Hi guys! I use 3M Cavilon Barrier Spray to help when I have rashes from sweating. I use Niltac Adhesive Remover as it is so gentle and has no alcohol. Post surgery everything is sensitive. But it gets better.

I did a YouTube video on Coloplast

I could never wear a bag more than 2 days without itching! Guess it must be the wee escaping onto my skin! I only use calamine lotion which stops me from getting sore, good luck, xx

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I swab the area with good old witch hazel prior to putting down the skin barrier, Eakens seal, and Hollister flange. Works for me to reduce the itch. Occasionally, I will have to take a Benadryl to help with the itch, but much less since I started using witch hazel - OTC @ Target for a little over $2 a bottle.


Hi, I use Osterguard for my skin. Same type seems to work. Just been on holiday in Belgium, had a good time. Had no trouble. Got to find a new way of taking the bags and rest of stuff when going out for the day. The small case is too much for walking about. Have medication to take as well.

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Hi Oldies, welcome back from your holiday. Hope you had a good time, Ambies.


Hi, another week back at work. Seemed to have an infection or something. I have to eat and took 3 days for my stoma to calm down. Skin gets sore, took extra medication. Worked at the Treatment Centre. They gave me cream, Hydromol 500g. I'll go next month again. Seems better now, oldies.

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Hi Oldies, pleased things turned out okay with meds. These stomas can be very trying at times, and our skins too. Nice to see you posting again. Take care, Ambies.


Hi, yes, the meds do work, but it takes time for the skin to get better. Now, don't stop me from living. After all these years, I've gotten used to it.

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