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This is the best website for people with an Ostomy. So much understanding.
Question, Do exercises exist for post colostomy ops,and are they recommended by doctors? It seems like I've been "training" for well over a year and almost everything I attempt ends badly.Ie hernia, it's not like I'm trying to run marathons or swim channells, just everyday stuff like jogging to the mailbox and back without my heart racing like crazy.Or swimming any stroke that entails arms overhead.etc. My Doc says-no limitations-that just goes to show me how little he lnows about me and my situation. Any ideas? Help?
Have you done any sort of physical therapy?  The hospital where I did my treatment for rectal cancer had a physical therapist who specialized in rehabbing folks with ostomies.  It was a critical first step in building back strength to take on the pre-ostomy activities I enjoyed like traithlon.
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I used to do sit ups but have give up now lol. I have a great wee application for my Tablet called the spartacus workout. The logo is a red helmet . It works the core mainly and will do the abs without to much strain on them. It has a beginner,intermediate and advanced levels.
I am still at beginner lol

I love to run. Run at your own pace. Always start slow , even very slow, just faster than a walk to let your body adjust to the different pace without over exertion and your body will let you know when its ready for you to go faster. run a mile, walk a mile and run another mile. 3 miles is a pretty good workout.

I am training for a half marathon currently but have ran into issues of a wonky toe.
Good luck in your fitness building.
Start slow and build it up gradually.
After I had my surgery, my doctor told me that I would have to be careful for a while and that it could take up to a year for my body to be healed from the ostomy surgery.  Don't push yourself too hard too fast or you may have to deal with other issues. I had surgery on June 2011 and I still notice that when I carry heavy things, I can tell that it bothers my ostomy. I wish you the best and if you find any exercises, please post.

Hi there,

I've  had a permenant ileostomy for a year and a half now.
In the first 6 weeks after surgery I did very little, I was very weak, lost a lot of muscule from being so sick and in bed all day. Severe bone density loss and low iron levels. For those six weeks I could not stretch properly for fear or tearing something. I feared sneezing and coughing and held my tummy to support myself when I did.
I was advised that after the 6 weeks I could start building up my muscules. Small walks and floor stretches on my back, bent legs, letting them fall together from side to side was nice and gentle to start with. Eventually I built up confidence and pushed myself just that little bit more every week.  After a full year I finally felt strong enough to start going to the gym and doing some weight training to rebuild my legs and arms, but didn't do much targeted stomach exercise. But now that i saw some muscule tone coming back in the last few weeks I have started the Beach Body Insanity 60 day workout. Very intense, lots of ab work but I skip anything that seems too wearing on my abs. I have done two fit tests and I have gained fitness! i still feel very weak in my abs but a million times better then when I first came home from the hospital! My advice is to wear support pants or a hernie prevention belt during all exercise! It makes me feel more confident.

Hope this helps a little


After my colostomy surgery my doctor said no excersizes that involve abs.  He said I could do serious damage.  I excersize regularly but do no abs and have had no problems with other excersizes.  Be careful and I would recommed no ab work. I think you're asking for trouble.
I agree.  I think there is a big difference between what you can do with a colostomy as opposed to an ileostomy.  For one thing, colostomates are theoretically not supposed to lift more than 25 lbs. or risk a hernia (which I have and is no bother most of the time, but I'm careful).  

I love the idea of the physical therapy (thanks for the idea, dcsmith).  I'm going to ask my doc for a referral.  I am 3 years post-colostomy and my lower back has become so weak.  Mostly all I do is walk - my beagle and I were up to 4 miles but now his back has given out.  I have a new doggie - Freya - I'll post a pic of her on my profile and can't wait to get her into training to walk!
Thanks for the great feedback! My problem seems to be more of a muscle and or hernia related issue. It's not exactly the ostomy site itself, more just underneath-where hernia is. And pain in my right side,almost directly under my torso scar,I think it may be another hernia ,the area bulges slightly . No, I wasn't lucky enough to afford any physical therapy,since my cobra ran out..I just tried to stay active,once  I was able to be active. Last summer I swam almost everyday for the last three months anyway,but winter is different,I go for walks a couple times a day but that ups the probability of me falling down on something hard.I keep thinking that one day I will wake up and the tingling will be gone. That's what one of myDoctors told me .Does that really happen?
OMG-how do I get that picture out of there -I had no idea,how embarrasing.
A couple of follow up questions:

What does your doctor say about the hernia/s?  Are there plans to repair it/them?  

What are you referring to when you say "...the tingling will be gone..."?
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