Fistula Care: Bathing and Bag Tips


Hi, I'm quite new to this... I have a fistula which is a lot easier to manage now... I bathe every day and change the bag... Do I have to change it...? How waterproof are the bags? Any advice on this subject I would be grateful.

They are waterproof. Swim, shower, and enjoy life.

Thanks Callie, I will have a bath and see how it goes... LOL x

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I change mine every 4 days... And I shower, swim, etc... I also started putting 'bling' on the top-rounded part of my bag. That is the part that sticks out of my jeans... It is my version of a girlie bag... Good luck... Also, I use a hairdryer to dry the underside of the bag after a shower.

I've tried several pouching systems and find that some are more "shower friendly" than others. The best one so far has been the Cymed Micro Skin system in either one or two-piece design. It might be worth a try. Check out their website where they have all the info and offer free samples.

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I shower every day and wash out the (previously emptied) bag in the shower, so it feels clean and fresh every morning. My bags last a week with no problems. I use Coloplast one-piece with Nu-Hope barrier rings. Works great.

I use a two-piece system from Hollister. After taking a shower with one bag, I put another one on and rinse out the first one and let it dry for the next day. I rotate new ones in after about five days to a week.

EVERY DAY! Good grief, girl, what are you trying to hide? (Was that in Macbeth?)

Oh never mind. I just try to take a shower at least once every two months. Not because the bag or wafer will come loose, I just hate getting wet. In fact, if I remember correctly, the only time they take showers in Europe is after having "sex" (I hope you know what I mean). Fortunately my lovely bride and I don't get to do that anymore ... let's not go there.


Oh, by the way, the wafers (or bags if you use single pieces) will stay on when wet. I used to use Micropore tape (that's a 3M brand of paper tape that will stick BETTER after it gets wet). I tried the "pink tape" and did not like it at all.

They are waterproof. I show with the wafer and bag on and without the wafer and bag on days the wafer is to be changed. Just be sure to dry under the bag after shower, I use a hair dryer. I use a Hollister two-piece system and the wafers need drying also but they dry quickly.

NT I'm European and everyone I know showers or has a bath every day! I don't wear my bag in the shower.

I attached a web-style belt to a 'Tupperware' container and all I have to do is empty the gag, roll it up, put the belt on, and I am off to shower, swim, or whatever in the water with a long T-shirt on.
I am now able to keep a drainable bag on for as long as 7 days, and since I have no insurance, it is quite a savings.
You might want to try 'Goo B Gone' to remove the adhesive and then wash with Dial soap.
It cleans off the 'Goo' and keeps the skin healthy.
I also have developed a privacy belt for when I am with my lady friend.
Life can be good!

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