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I'll start out by stating that I'll try to keep this message sensitive, but will be totally honest. Weight is hard for anyone to talk about, but with our diseases, it appears that there isn't a happy medium - we're either trying to gain or lose weight. I've had a J-Pouch that has been functional since 2010. I gained a lot of weight between surgeries (3) but was able to lose it all - and then some more (which was good, since I was a little bit overweight to begin with. Unfortunately, I have developed Pouchitis 6-7 times since then, forced to quit my full-time job, and put weight back on during these times, due to necessary dietary change. In 6 months, I gained 35 lbs - it may not sound like a lot, but I'm only 4'11". I was working out regularly and even had been seeing a licensed nutritionist for months. She couldn't figure it out either.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had these problems and what worked for you? I'm at my wits' end. I haven't been healthy enough to work full-time in about a year, feel awful about my appearance (and the weight that won't come off), and even worse - isolated. I live in a rural state where there aren't support groups in my area. My fiance and I have even postponed our wedding because of my health issues (chronic fatigue).

Any advice or testimonials would be greatly appreciated.

Sending out good vibes,

Hello rmgilby. This is a good subject to post as I'm sure many people on here have this sort of problem. As with most things, everybody is likely to be different with regard to both reasons for the problems and the finding of solutions. Personally, I have both types of problems (over and under-weight) in a sort of pendulum swing. However, for the most part I have found that quite minor changes in the quantities that I eat will gradually bring me back to where I want to be. In order to achieve this I measure the quantity of breakfast cereal and increase or decrease it accordingly. I also do this with the slices of bread that I eat at lunchtime. These minor adjustments allow me to eat more or less what I want for the evening meal.  It perhaps needs pointing out that this regime is not a 'quick-fix' as it can take some time for the effects to take place. --

There were also a couple of things I forgot to say - Firstly, I tend not to snack between meals unless I'm wanting to put on weight. Snacking becomes a 'habit' for most people but it's worth bearing in mind that eating little bits over long periods gives the body more time to metabolise it all rather than sending most of it straight through.  Secondly, if I am only a few pounds overweight I get bouts of extreme tiredness. (see my verse 'I get tired' blogged - 01-08-13) In the verse I put it down to illness and pain but it so often comes on when I'm overweight.  I really have no idea why this would be so, but it is a good incentive to try to stay at my optimum weight.

  Best wishes Bill
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Hi Rachael

I have an ileostomy (since June 2011) and packed on 30 pounds because I was scared to eat vegetables, so I was eating meat with pasta, potatoes, rice, bread, all the easy-to-digest stuff.

I finally went to a weight loss counselor who put me on a regimen where I eat 8 servings of protein a day, 2 servings of carbs, 3 veggies, 2 fruits, 2 dairy, 1 fat. I have to keep a journal every single day. Also, she insists that I eat three meals and two snacks, so I am eating 5 times a day. With the result that I am never hungry. I have been on this diet since June 7th and have lost 17 pounds so far.

If you need any other information (like what makes up a serving), I can pass that on to you.

Good luck!



Thanks for all of the information. My weight is still up and after months with the head of dietary at a hospital, there are no answers to be had. Her expert opinion was to wait and let my body adjust to all the trauma that's happened to it. She said that there isn't any reason (based on my accurate food journals) why I have not been able to lose weight.


Just joined this site and found your post.

I'm interested in learning what you were told about dieting with a J-pouch. I'm right over 5 feet tall and gaining 15 pounds is awful on my knees, not to mention not fitting into my clothes! I feel hungry all the time - which is so unlike the old me - and would love to hear what you've been told.

Thanks :)


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Hi, my name is Sharon and I am in the same boat. I'm 38 lbs overweight in total, and I hate it so much. I can't fit into any of my clothes. I'm weak and tired the whole time, and it's getting worse every day. I'm a separated mother of two young boys who are my world, but I'm no fun right now for them. My hemoglobin levels are low the whole time. I'm going in for an iron infusion in the morning. Walking up the stairs at any time kills me. I'm out of breath and my legs are so sore. I'm only 31; this can't be right. Oh, plus I'm not losing any blood at all, just the odd nosebleed. I've been getting iron injections since last October, and still, I have no idea why I get so weak so quickly after them. The past two weeks or more have been the worst, as I'm unable to do a whole lot. I can't even think straight and forget things. I can't even do my ironing or any housework. I have the greatest parents ever; they take the boys a lot. I feel so guilty, though, as I want to do so many more fun things with my boys. I also stay home a lot and don't go out on weekends or meet up with friends because I hate how I look. Even my 5-year-old says, "Mammy, you've got a big round belly." But he also tells me I'm beautiful. He's so good to me; they both are. My other son is 8 years old. I'm not a big eater, very plain and small amounts. I don't eat cakes, buns, tarts, desserts, or much chocolate. Only plain biscuits.

Anyone else having trouble like me?

Anyone use diet pills? I refuse to spend any more money on bigger clothes. I am very grateful to be healthy apart from this hiccup, as I was sick for 13 years. I know a lot of doctors and hospitals now, plus I know a lot about medication.

Sorry for going on, but this has helped as this is the first site I've joined. I'm 5ft 3in.

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