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I have had an ilestomy since 2007.  Was married but ex could not really deal with my medical isues.  She divorced me several years ago and was able to get the house.  I am not going to go into that issue as I am not upset about it.  (Actually kind of glad)  I am 60yo and now live in Denton, Texas which is just north of Dallas.  I would really like to meet others in my area but would also like to talk with anyone where ever they are.  As most of us, I have had my ups and downs with my situation but life must go on.  If you are interested in a chat wheather you are about to have the surgery or a long timer, feel free to contact me.



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my husband also could not deal with my urostomy he said living with me and my medical issues made him gag, i left him to live with his mother in california He found himself a girlfriend, who, sad to say was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, now he looks after her while she has chemo, he is a very unhappy man. i would wish that on my worst enemy, but i beleive in karma.then i moved to England where i was born, not too bad though , national health service pays for all my supplies, i hate the weather here, i like the heat in CA.


Hi there. I've had my ostomy for 20 years now. My first marriage failed because of my ostomy. He said he could handle it and it would not change things between us. News did. Our marriage was never the same again. The intimacy was gone. I am 45 years old and still have life in me. I live life as full as I can and thank God for each new day. I live in north east Texas and would love to chat with you if you would like. 




It is sad that they were not supportive of you both.

I had a girlfriend for a while while l had my ilestomy, it did not work out for other reasons, but she at least was supportive, and having a ilestomy did not seem to bother her.

I just worry the cancer may return.

My last ct scan,(yesterday) looked good, and my CEA blood test was good, at 3.2

I still worry though.

I have PN pretty bad from the Chemo, and an facing a SS review, and at my age and what I have been through, l don't think I should have to go back to work.

There is no motovation to go back to that job any ways.


Hi Don,

 I went back and read your earlier posts. I'm Marsha, and I've had my ileostomy ( the old fahioned kind) since I was 15, and that was more than 5o years ago.  I met my husband through the local ostomy association,a nd although we both had an ostomy, it didn't help keep our marriage together.  Our two sons develope inflammatory bowel disease ( one with Crohn's the other with UC), so that put added stress on our family dynamics.   "He" always had to be the sickest one.....   But we stayed together  for 24+ years, until I finally filed for divorced.   We were divorced more than 20 years, and he recently died from all the complications that can occur after years of fighting off illness.  ( Diabetes, Kidney disease, dialysis.  etc).

It took me awhile, but I re started my life, dating some, but never really finding that one special guy.  So I continued to work until I couldn't ,  developed really good friendships, and am active in my community.   I didn't find this site until a few years ago, but have found it very interesting and very helpful. 

so If you would like to chat....feel free to write.  I'd love to hear from you...

BTW, I love to travel, and have done so extensively. Although  I've been to Texas a few times, I never got to see as much as I would have liked to see in and around  San Antone, Dallas & Huston....  


Hello from Maine. As you are close to US 82, I used to live off 82, in Texarkana. I woke up with my Ostomy in March of 2018. I researched as much as possible, in case I had it. I learned to adapt to having this. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Some folks have missing limbs, and they typically try not to hide their prosthetic appliance. If you have a prosthesis, flaunt it, baby!!!
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