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It has been quite a while since I was here.

I am going on holiday in April and I have heard some horror stories about flying. Is it true that your bag fills with air almost as soon as the flight takes off? And where is the best place for travel insurance?

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Hello Tricia,  No that is NOT true about the bag filling up with air.  I have flown many times and have not had that experience.  I dont eat a lot before flying and stay away from gassy foods as that will fill your bag up. Empty the pouch before you board and i empty it on the plane all the time with no problems.  remember do not check any of your ostomy supplies in case they loose your suitcase.  I bought an ostomy brief case (Greenlite Gear) to carry my supplies when i travel and love it.  Good luck and have fun on your trip.  Penguins7


Hiya, Thank you so much I was getting myself worked up & I even thought of canceling my trip as I am travelling on my own & didn't like the thought of having to try & release the air whilst the seatbelt sign was still on ha ha.

Who do you use for your travel insurance?

Thanks again



I dont purchase travel insurance when i travel.  Are you talking about medical insurance?


I am travelling from london to USA so I will need insurance which covers me for my stoma just incase something goes wrong.



I found it easier to have piece of buttered toast before flying,  even if not hungry,  as seems to help giving bowel something to do.! Also i go to the toilet and empty  before eating on the plane,  and usually just before landing.  In case those customs take a while!  And so far every trip has been fine.  Longest plane journey i have done so far is 5 hours, but a family member flew to nz and back following same principles.  Happy flying 


Hi Tricia - I'm from the UK and going on holiday in April too! I'm just going to look on MoneySupermarket to see about insurance - it's the easiest place to get a quote without having to commit.  If I find anything especially portentous I'll let you know!

update! I just got some for 15 (single trip).  MoneySupermarket gave me the option of declaring my ileostomy, turns out it didn't even add anything to the insurance, so that's good to know. It's worth having just for a bit of peace of mind, especially as the idea of medical bills is so alien to an NHS-er!


Hello Ive traveled all over the world with mine and never   ever  had a problem !  good luck !


If you have any issues while in the US visit the United Ostomy Associations of America website and check for the nearest Support Group where you are visiting for assistance.   Like others, I have traveled the world for 37 years with an ostomy without any issues.

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