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  I was wondering if anyone has had any experience as far as hot tubs go. Good Bad? What should I do? Any thoughts and advise would be great. Thanks

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Hello pdtsomerset.  I don't know much about 'hot-tubs' but I do like to soak in a hot bath every morning and I really enjoy the experience. I have had very few 'incidents' or accidents in the bath over the years so I carry on enjoying my routine.  Fortunately, I also have a shower in the bath so that if perchance anything should happen I can switch from a relaxing soak to a stand-up shower in seconds.  My philosophy includes not letting the odd chance element stop me doing the things that I like or want to do.  As with everything else in life there is always the chance that occasionally some things will go wrong but that wouldn't stop me from doing them. Everyone is different and for some the prospect of things going wrong might be enough to put them off. I feel that these types of people must be missing out on some of lifes' greatest pleasures.

Best wishes  Bill


Hi my name is a Hilly and I have had an ostomy for21 years and yes yes yes to a Hot Tub absolutely relaxing in soooo many ways I totally recommend it. My Husband bought me one for my 50 th birthday and they are also very soothing for aches and pains, good look Hilly.


I love hot tubs and hotsprings.  Never had a leak or an issue.  If anything the heat causes the flange to stick better.


Definetely go for it.  I've never had a problem with hot tubs.  I use the one at the gym and sit for 20 min. at a time and no issues at alllaughing


Go ahead,  if oyu're worried, use stomahesive.  I use it, and my bag has never leaked nor come off.


Thanks so much for the advice. I'm more confident in trying the hot tub at a friend's house. Youfolks are THE BEST!!!!!! Thanks aain


hi all what i do when hot tubbing or swimming tape all around the outside of my wafer with the pink waterproof tape and empty the pouch and then enjoy.

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