Effective Fixes for Odor in Hollister Products


So I know there are a lot of tips out there regarding odor, and without going through a big long list, none of them worked for me. For the first few weeks, I tried adding all kinds of things to the bag to mask/neutralize the odor, no success. Then I tried internal deodorizers-- still minimally effective and expensive as all...

By swiping my fingers around the appliance, I figured out the odor was mostly seeping from the seal between the bag and flange, from the juncture between the bag fabric and plastic ring, and from under the Hollister floating flange. Being the jury-rigging type, I decided the best thing I could do would be to reinforce these areas so that odor could not get out. After trial and error, I developed a series of modifications that add about 10 min to my bag change routine but block any detectable odor for 4 days or more.

To reinforce the flange, I use the 5/8 circle on a measuring paper as the INSIDE measurement for 2 half circles that I cut out of a double layer of duct tape. I cut them out so they're about as wide as the flange, then fit them under it on the outside. Then I cut smaller half circles from the tape I have left and fit them over the same area on the inside.

I put some regular bathtub caulk around the place where the flange fabric meets the ring. Usually, I let it dry overnight before I plan to change the bag.

Finally, I put superglue in the threads of the bag before I attach it to the flange. I don't have to change the bag more often than the appliance because like I said, I have no odor for the duration of the flange when I do this. It also does quite a bit to prevent leaks, which I cannot deal with having.

It's kind of complicated, but modifying the bag in this way is the thing that allowed me to feel like the ostomy has no effect on the quality of my life. I couldn't actually eliminate odor any other way, and I had to buy a lot of crap to even try. Now I only use some internal deodorizer if I plan on eating garlic or something. I can bend my face as close to my stomach as it will go and not detect any odor (besides the caulk at first).

Oh yeah, my tip for cutting shapes into duct tape:

Get a piece of flat wood-- cutting board, craft wood, as long as it's not too splintery-- and slap the tape flat on there. Cut whatever shape you need out with a penknife, and the tape will peel right back up without ruining its stickiness. Sand the wood every so often so you don't get little chips resulting from the crosshatching pattern you'll inevitably end up making.

Maybe this would come across easier with pictures, it sounds more difficult than it may be but at least it is working for you.

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Frog, I admire your self-reliance. I would just remind you that medical-grade chemicals are extensively tested for any problems that might arise from extended contact with human skin. Duct tape, caulk, super glue, etc. are not. Be advised that human skin acts somewhat like a sponge, and some chemicals will penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream. Think of the stop smoking patches. Be very careful that anything you use that is not medically approved does not contact your skin! I use some things for odor control on occasion, but only items like Tic Tacs or a little mouthwash on a square of toilet tissue. The Tic Tacs you can eat, and the mouthwash is safe enough you can put it in your mouth. If the package says to avoid prolonged contact with skin, like most caulks do, do not use it. Anyhow, just my opinion.


Really... Did you have your coffee yet? MMSH... This guy is pulling our leg...? You fell for it... LOL... You and Mrs. A... LOL... Good advice anyhow... LOL...

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Hello Wab... I have switched to decaf and possibly I'm easier to fool nowadays. Anyhow, I hope you are right and they are just joking.


Well, you could be right; MMSH...........lol...but it sounds like a complicated plumbing job......Crazy glue, duct tape, and bathroom sealant.............If you are right, I am going to be chastised........like she said...it is kind of complicated...........I suppose anything is possible...........I was thinking of the story I used to tell when I had gone to Shanghai one time......that was in the 80's............it was a dentist office........the guy was on the street on a bicycle pedaling to give force to the drill......lol...do not laugh, it is true............no one believed me.........

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LOL...also. I should have bought this product when there.......it was at a Chinese pharmacy..........they sort of goofed in the translation..............was hilarious...it was called Ass Glue...........I should have bought it and put it in my medicine cabinet........you know how everyone looks into other people's medicine cabinets...lol..just to shock them.......lol.....seems it cured everything....lol

So nothing surprises me anymore.......it could be true her technique..I am sure she will let me know....lol

I kind of tried to fight odor problem all the time.. Sometimes the bag just smells by itself because you have an acidic output, a filter that is jammed or a faulty bag that has a micro tear or malfunction that you can't see with your bare eyes. That charcoal cloth is designed to go around the bag so it's covered by charcoal fabrics all the time.. This is an extra piece that you can add to your favorite combinations of products to fight leaks and odor....


The only thing that I cannot find a solution for is phantom rectum that causes a stool-like substance and odor outside the body, through what's left from the rectum and anus. This is a big problem sometimes for people who still have the last 3-5 inches of their colon/rectum (subtotal colectomy in my case)... It is a feeling that you do still have the colon while your ostomy is the main discharging mechanism. Anyone knows how to tackle this... I tried the Pentasa suppositories before and the problem still persists... It is causing me mad anxiety and embarrassment sometimes... Anyone can help on this???....



You might try one of the female "panty liners" things. They are absorbent and contain an odor control compound. I used to cut a small piece off them and put it in my pouch to absorb moisture. I finally just decided to use a few squares of toilet tissue instead, it's cheaper and works almost as well.


I use an Altoid in the bag each time I empty it and rinse out the bag with water after emptying it, even then I have about 2-3 days before it starts to smell and I need to change out the bag. The wafer needs changing by 5-7 days. All things considered, I figure the bags are holding up pretty well to get through a few days without odor. As for the seal, I always use a barrier ring on the wafer, almost never have trouble with the seal.

I cringe at some of the things people do. I have a relative who changes his wafer and removes the paste with kerosene. I'm still astounded by that. My skin gives me trouble if I scratch it, much less place seriously bad chemicals on it.

Hollister 78500 code deodorant. Also, I hear someone puts a Tic Tac into the pouch. Not a joke, I tried it too. Hahaha, mint and crap. No thanks, but I use 1103 or 1005. I like Hollister deodorizer. My spelling for typing isn't the best still, but it's good to be popping in here now and then. Good luck to all and have a lovely day. Cheers, MOOZA.


I have had a colostomy since last year. I have always used the Coloplast two-piece system with Velcro closing. My osteomyelitis nurse impressed on me the importance of getting a good fit when I cut the hole in my base to fit the stoma. Getting as close to the stoma as possible, I then apply Convatec stomahesive paste all the way around the hole. I have never had an issue of unwanted odor or leaks. I also smear a little Vaseline on the flange before snapping on the pouch; it makes wiping off easier. Hope this helps someone.


For odor in the pouch, I use either M9 (Hollister), Na'scent (NB products), or Safe and Simple. Na'scent is the only one that is clear; the others are blue and remind me of Tidy Bowl cleaner. Anyway, they help with my ileostomy odor. Also, because I use a pouch with a filter, I must be very diligent about keeping the filter unclogged. If it clogs or gets soiled, one, it won't work, and two, it begins to smell. I learned this lesson after using my pouch for three days and eating lots of stinky foods like fish, garlic, and salsa. Now, I change the pouch every day or every other, depending upon the look of the filter. And the ballooning is kept to a minimum. Hope this helps. PS - I never used baby oil or Tic Tacs because I thought it could infect the stoma. Same with the mouthwash because it has alcohol. Maybe I am wrong. Take care and have a nice day. LH

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