Need advice on wider belt for ostomy pouch support


I am a pretty new ostomate (about 2 months or so). I am having trouble properly supporting my tummy and stoma site - my faceplate now rests on a small "hill" of tummy, and when the pouch starts to fill, it drags and swings against the stoma area. I have tried some belts and other supports that go around the waist and over the entire stoma/faceplate/pouch assembly, and that does feel more comfortable than the swing and drag, but that has problems of its own. When I cover and support everything, it pushes the pouch against the faceplate, and waste just pancakes around the ring instead of flowing down into the pouch. With pressure as more waste is voided, instead of flowing into the pouch waste infiltrated beneath the inside edge of the faceplate right around the stoma, and works its way along the skin until it "blows out" the side underneath the faceplate. Not cool! I use Hollister pouches with the belt tabs, but the belt I have seen to go with that is very narrow, and it seems it would be uncomfortable.

Does anyone have any experience with the narrow Hollister belts? Is there a wider belt that would fit the table, maybe of another brand? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Hi, ND. I use the thin Hollister belt and have never had problems like you describe. Do you have an ileostomy or colostomy? It sounds like you're positioning the pouch so that the drain points to your side, versus straight down? I think I understand the problem you're having but I position my pouch straight down, therefore I do not need to support the entire pouch. It seems that you may need a wrap-around with a built-in stoma protector. I've seen various belts, each of which support the appliance in different ways. I'd imagine there's one out there that would work for you. Perhaps your WOCN would be able to help? Otherwise, just try a Google image search for ostomy belts. Good luck!


Hi, I have used the narrow clip-on belts and they worked fine for support as well as comfort. I too had a hill when I first got my colostomy and needed the extra security. As soon as I finished chemotherapy (about 8 months later) and was able, I had surgery to flatten out the area at my stoma. Now everything works well without the belt, but I'm sure glad they were available when I needed them. I wear a Convatec system but I think the belts and clips are similar.


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The belts are fine. They give me a little more sense of security and after a short time, you do not even notice them. I think they only come in one width. Maybe you need to change more often. I never wait until the bag is completely full.


I use the Hollister belt as well....but recently bought a stealthbelt....only have used it a few times (bought it w/1 3/4 opening) trying to use up the supply of 2 1/4 barriers first. It very comfortable good support, doesn't fold over like the narrower's the link

I haven't wore it enough to recommend it, but might be worth a try for you.

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I use Ostomy Armour. It has a hard faceplate to protect you from hernias due to trauma (I have had surgery on 2 before I bought the armour) and seems to keep the bag pretty well stable. It has a wider, more comfy belt than the thin Hollister belts that I despised. Good luck!


Thank you for all the suggestions and comments. Turns out the reason I have a "tummy hill" is a small hernia. I have ordered a belt from Nu-Hope which is supposed to support and reduce the hernia. It should come in by next week. When I have it for a while, I will post again how it works and whether it does the trick for me.


Hi, ND. Thanks for the follow-up. That clarifies it and makes sense. Please do let us know how the Nu-Hope belt works out. My WOCN just mentioned that I may need one soon as a precaution based on activities I participate in. Take care.


Hey ND, you're on the right track.  After a couple weeks with the Nu-Hope belt , call them and tell them exactly how good things are and order a 2nd belt, modified if you wish.  The folks at Nu-Hope will help you with design improvements and most insurance companies will cover two belts each year.  You don't have to wait before ordering the second one.

Please keep us posted.



What did they do to flatten out the area around your stoma? I have a hill as well.

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