Need Ostomy Shower Protection - Any Suggestions?


I've had my ostomy for about a year and a half and don't understand why there isn't a readily available disposable device/shield out here to protect and keep your bag waterproof during a shower - any suggestions out there? Guess I'm missing something? Btw- Reversals - I've had two unsuccessful attempts - bottom line until they gut you (me 4 times total) - they don't really know what's up - false hope is a real drag - physically and emotionally - wish I'd never listened to my doctors' advice and just got on with living this different life; my body and mind would have been much better off. But that's just my experience - for what it's worth. Good luck to those who will try.

At first, I used some waterproof tape and taped a shower curtain over it using a piece from a plastic shopping bag. That worked well but used a lot of tape. Now, I made a shower curtain from an elastic strap with a buckle clip (from an old backpack) and a square of plastic sheet (heavier gauge than a shopping bag) folded it over the strap and taped it. The tape lasts over a month. It does not keep me completely dry, but I think it works well enough. I can usually go for 10 days before I have to change everything out. I am going to put it on YouTube next time I change the tape on it.

Thanks! Worth a try.

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I have used the Ziploc food storage bags in the past. They only covered the pouch, but it did help. I use a 2-piece now, so I change my pouch to a fresh, dry one when I get out of the shower.

LoMac - Thanks for your reply. Let me know when you get to Ontario....we have a great local chapter! Best, Bryce

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Hello Lanechanger65.

You ask why there isn't a readily available shield to protect the bag.  --Is the reason you want such a device - so you don't have to use so many bags?  I presume that manufacturers would think that was the case. It is in their financial interests for you to use as many bags as is possible in the shortest possible time so there is little incentive for them to reasearch and develop something that will curb your consumerism.  

One of the great things about a site like this, is that there are people out there that have a go at research and development for themselves.

These people often spend considerable amounts of time and effort trying to resolve their own problems satisfactorily, yet they are only too willing to share their ideas for free with anyone who has the same problem.

I don't have the problem in the shower or bath because my stoma is bag and plug free on these occasions. However, I just wanted to show my appreciation for all those people who share their ideas and experimentation with others. Even though I don't have any need for such a device I am always interested in how people have tried to resolve problems for themselves. So thanks for your post and thanks to everyone who has replied.

Best wishes


Thanks for your post - very insightful. If anyone out there wants to collaborate on something, I'm very interested. Let's hear it - disposable or reusable - either way.

Interesting idea - I'll have to try the tape. Thanks

Hello Lanechanger. I'm always up for this sort of challenge even if I have no need for the device myself.  I have something in mind that I will try while I'm in the bath in the next few days and if it looks as if it has any merit I'll post on here again with more details. Although I should perhaps forewarn you that some of my ideas and prototypes do not look 'pretty'. They are just designed to be functional - and usually costless.

Best wishes


Here goes my attempt to describe something that works very well for me.  Start with a 1 gal. (3.8 liter) food storage bag.  Near the center, lengthwise, starting about an inch (2.5 cm) from the bottom (where it's sealed) cut one layer of the bag only long enough to fit the pouch all the way through and have the plastic bag cover where the bag attaches to the wafer.  To prevent the cut from lengthening, I put strips of tape on both sides of the cut and a piece at the top and one at the bottom going side to side.  So now we're ready to shower.  What was the bottom of the storage bag is now the top. I slide the pouch into the reinforced slit, adjust the plastic bag so it's got everything covered and I use a long shoestring to go around my waist and "pinch" that one-inch part of the bag that's above where I started the cut from. Tie the shoestring.  A couple times I used tape to keep water from getting between the plastic bag and my skin.  It's optional.  Wow!  So many words.

At worst, I've needed a blow dryer because I dampened the cloth covering of the pouch but that took very little time.

It's worth a try, improvisation, and looking forward to variations.

I'm from New Jersey, USA just like Tom Edison.  He did the light bulb among his thousand or so inventions and I'm still working on a pouch protector.


Got me, as soon as I get up, my stoma becomes active, even if nothing has passed all night. By the time I brew the coffee and sit down to sip and enjoy the elixir of life, it's usually finished its business, and the bag is ready to change. I time my shower for right then, and just change the bag when I get out. No wasted bags changed when essentially empty, just wet.

It seems, though, that you should be able to slip a plastic bag over the pouch with the bottom open part facing down, and snap that directly back onto the faceplate. I haven't tried it because I find it easier to time my showers, but it seems it should work.


In NJ too! I totally get your reference and so far the most brilliant idea I've seen. I'm not into all that taping and masking off each day I shower or changing my Uro Bag, your device is right up my alley! TY many times over! I was using these bowl covers from the Dollar Store that are smaller versions of shower caps, which are very satisfactory. But I'm trying out your innovation directly! Many thanks for your time and effort!

Hello Mike. Thanks for your post. I don't need this sort of device but I have been trying to develop one just out of interest. Mine was made out of two plastic Flora cartons with a belt through the top one so that it did not slip. It worked reasonably well in the shower but not in the bath.The problem with solid-state stuff is that it doesn't give when you bend and the seal comes away.

I really liked your idea so I tried it and it works perfectly. I therefore graciously bow out of this particlar innovation quest and congratulate you on a successful solution to a practical problem.

Best wishes


Hey Bill, thanks so much for your comments.  The quality of one's life can often be better when others listen, care and respond with no strings attached.  Like you, Bill. I feel blessed to have folks like you as companions.  Your kindness is humbling.



Hello Mike. Thanks, You express it very well when you say that it's a blessing to come on here to meet and greet companionable people. It feels like I am meeting old friends when I log on (well maybe not 'old' but long-standing).

Best wishes


There is a product, I don't know how good it is. But it's an apron to shower with. I think it's called a  ostomy shower guard.  

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