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Hello,  I wanted to share a travel tip when I fly or just go out and about.  I purhcase the 3 oz. travel size baby oil from Walmart and use as lubricant for pouch.  I pre-roll the toliet paper sheets so they are ready to use and carry all this in a small zip lock bag.  Most places have very thin toilet paper and the rolls are hard to unwind sometimes.  This works great for the airplane or restaurants and speeds up the bathroom process.  Penguins7

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Are you using baby oil at the end of the pouch ?To clean area off?Good idea tho yes tolit paper is so very narrow and thin now in public restrooms!Takes forever to clean end of pouch!



Good idea.

The only thing I found was that Baby Oil was breaking down the end of the pouch ( where you empty) so I switched to Olive Oil.  And this seems to work great.  As anyone else found that Baby Oil does this?   I should say, I was actually puting a few drops of Baby Oil in the pouch itself.

Cheers to all from N.Zealand.     Ngaire.


I use baby oil in the pouch and have found no indication that it erodes the end of pouch.  Things slide out a lot easier with the baby oil.  It is less expensive than the odor lubricant.


You can buy the small 3 oz bottles of baby oil that you can take on an airplane.  It is very inexpensive compared to deodoarant/lubricants they sell.  Stay well!

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