Swimming and Skin Irritation


I have been in the pool a lot this summer and it seems like every time I change my appliance, I have a rash on my skin. Not sure if it's caused by the swimming and chemicals in the pool or maybe just because it's wet for a while.

I do my best to dry the wafer off after getting out of the pool, but it's impossible to get it totally dry. I can't change the appliance every time I swim because I go in the pool about 4x a week. That would probably irritate my skin too! (Plus I'd never have enough supplies.)

Any ideas?


Hell Sunny. I have a job to keep these things on my skin for half a day without them falling off. ( I sweat a lot) I am so envious that you manage to swim so often but I cannot imagine going to the pool and having the embarrassment of not falling off in the water.  I would not mind trying swimming in the sea but I couldn't liveany  further from the coast than I do now and it would not very practical for me to swim regularly there.

I have read many posts over the years advising how to get wafers to stay put in the water but so far I have not had the confidence to test the theories.

I hope you get plenty of replies to your post as I for one will be following them very closely.

Best wishes




There are some earlier posts about swimming with an ostomy, but I didn't find one that matched your situation. Below is a link to one of the posts. You can do a general search up above for swimming with an ostomy.


On another note, it's possible that your skin may have developed an allergy or reaction to the tape or wafer when mixed with pool chemicals or as you said not dry enough. You could try a hair dryer to dry it more thoroughly.

You can also try a waterproof ostomy protector like the one I found at the site below.

Waterproof ostomy protector

Hope this helps.


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Hey NJ Bain, you are so knowledgeable. We are very lucky to have you here. Thanks.



Do you have a bathtub? Maybe try sitting in there for a half hour and see how your appliance responds...if it works well, then try the pool for a half hour. I would also try wearing a band of some sort and waterproof tape (3M is good) just to hold everything in place a bit better.

Go for it Bill!! Don't miss out on the things you love!

@NJ Bain: Thanks for the ideas and the link to the other post. Much appreciated. And I will try the hair dryer thing!!

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My pleasure. I hope it helps you out!



Hi, I was having problems with leaks and then discovered Aqua Seals. I have to buy them from America as the UK doesn't have them. Aqua Seal has been a lifesaver, well worth the money. I shower, swim, and haven't had a problem. It covers your wafer and seals it. Just Google Aqua Seal. Hope this helps.

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