Wedding Dress for Bag-Friendly Fit?


Planning my wedding and I'm dreading finding a dress to fit nicely with my bag. I would like something to fit my shape but don't want anything that could squash my bag too much! Any advice, ladies? Thanks

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Hi Sophie, have you considered something different? Anita Dongre is an Indian designer who designs beautiful outfits. You can check her online for lots of her stuff that would hide a colostomy bag. I bought an outfit recently to wear to my niece's wedding. I felt great and was complimented on how good I looked.

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First of all: Congratulations!

I usually wear Comfizz-waistbands to keep the bag close to the body. I also wear high-waisted skirts and jeans and I never had a problem with squashing. As long as there's no direct pressure against the stoma, I'm usually fine.

Jessica Grosman recently posted about her wedding with an ostomy, wearing a form-fitting dress:

I think they announced a post about finding the right dress, but you could also ask for her advice.


Hello Sophie. This week, I found myself trapesing around the shops with my wife and sister looking for wedding dresses and I noted that there were some designs with high waist bands that would easily accommodate a bag without it being noticeable at all. To my untrained eye, these dresses were just as fashionable and acceptable as the ones with lower waistbands and I would never have noticed them at all if I wasn't 'sensitised' to the needs of ostomates.

Congratulations! and best wishes


bigal1579 has great wraps. If you choose a dress that makes access difficult, remember that it is your day and your maid of honor will want to make it perfect for you. Appoint her "Helper of the Queen" and whenever you need to empty, she should be your assistant/dresser, getting you to the bathroom, locking the door, lifting or unbuttoning or unzipping or whatever to make it easier for you.

Don't be dissuaded from a "perfect" dress that you love. With the right wrap, emptying often enough and help with your clothing, you can make anything work.

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Your photo shows you to be so pretty! And I'm guessing you have a decent breast size (I'm an AA-wannabe so you all look chesty to me!)

Anyway, the empire waist that tucks under the boobs and flows down loosely from that under-boob line can hide any expanding bag.

But mainly, congratulations! So happy you're getting married!


Have you considered a dress with an A-line silhouette? This style can be very flattering and won't put too much pressure on your bag.
Another option could be a dress with a more flowy or relaxed fit, like a boho or beachy style. This type of dress can be very comfortable and may be more informal than a more traditional wedding gown, like Bellabarnett. I recently purchased and saw a vast collection of wedding dresses.