Skin irritation under tape - possible allergy after years?


I have had an ileostomy for two and a half years and have never had any problems. However, recently under the tape that is part of the Hollister appliance, I have been starting to have a lot of itching and burning. I have used fungal powder before installing the appliance. The burning and itching is not under the flange. It is not due to leakage. I've never had leakage at all. But under the tape, I have skin that is very itchy and burning. Not sure if it's possible to develop an allergy even after a couple of years. Any ideas?


Mars1954, I have also had problems with itchy, burning skin, sometimes under tape, sometimes under garments that are too tight, like most of my socks. For the tight garments or latex, I have no answer. Yes, it is possible to develop a sudden allergy to a food or product that you have used for years, especially if you have some kind of autoimmune disorder like cancer. For the tape or flange adhesive problems, I have just started using a powder made by Convatec that becomes a skin barrier and adhesive at the same time. Also, it is easy to wash off and reapply when changing bags. The secret is to apply it liberally to the area where the adhesive will touch the skin then using a dry tissue dust it off until you can barely see a thin coating of it on your skin. Then apply the tape or flange directly to the dry powder. I have a colostomy, not a colostomy, but these problems are common to almost all stomachs.


Sorry, that last word should have been stomas.

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Don Brown---Thank you. I use both a fungal powder as well as a normal stoma powder on a regular basis. I think I will contact my stoma nurse to see if she has any suggestions. Sometimes the itchiness is really horrible. I realize in the grand scheme of things it is nothing, but it still is annoying. I am on TPN 12 hours a day, have a PEG-tube, and also an ileostomy. Just trying to manage everything properly.


I developed an allergy to the Hollister tape a few years ago. Itching and weeping skin to the point that it would not stick. A very dark and low time in my life. Saw a dermatologist and got it cleared up. To keep using Hollister, I switched to the barrier that was tapeless and no problems since.

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Dear Mars,

Have you tried the Cera Plus Hollister barriers that have a skin conditioner in them and do not require any adhesive?

I do live in Bradford and am familiar with Coudersport and Brunswick, Ohio. I can respond to mail if you write first as I am not a paying member.


Hi Mars, hope you're feeling better these days. By the way, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Do you use soap or anything around it? I have learned to use water only and the powder, but the powder you can't put a lot because it won't keep the flange on it. Somehow, it stops it from sealing, so watch the powder. It's called Nystatin 100,000,000 mg. So, I hope this is helpful. Have a great day! NewLifeVictoria

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