Pooping after Ileostomy - Need Advice


Does anyone know if it's normal to poop through your rectum if you've had an ileostomy done? I'm a little scared right now.


Hello Ilovejesus.

There have been several posts on this subject in  the past and these can be found in the 'collections' section on the left hand side of your screen. 

There are some plausible explanations but basically, the message is to have it checked out as soon as possible.

Best wishes


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NJ Bain

I love Jesus123,

It's probably not fecal matter that you are pooping out. Not unless they didn't clean you out completely with an enema after the surgery.

You are probably passing mucus and old blood which is normal. It kinda feels like having a bowel movement. If you are concerned though, you can speak to your ET nurse or doctor and they will probably tell you the same thing. Hope this helps.



Hey 123, if it's only been a couple days since the surgery, Bain's suggestion about not being cleaned out makes a lot of sense.  That happened to me.  If it's been longer, then Bain is right again.  It can get kinda nasty looking but should clear up soon.

Keep us posted, please.



Yes, I have the same thing. I was told it's mucus and leftover whatever. I was told it's normal because the intestine still has blood flow. I wouldn't worry unless, of course, it's bloody.

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Newbie Dana

Actually, I still have bloody mucous discharge through the rectum (off and on), but it is because I have an unhealed hole in the remains of my colon which had perforated from the damage from the radiation treatments for my cancer. Because of the radiation damage, the sucker just won't heal all the way and periodically squirts out a little (or sometimes more than a little) blood whenever anything jostles the delicate tissue there. I know it's OK because I was scoped 6 ways from Sunday and all is well - except for the hole! Which is why I will probably never be able to be reconnected. But that's OK. 2 rounds of severe peritonitis was enough, and I don't want to chance causing a third in the future.


I still have my rectum. Each day I feel the urge to "go", sit on the toilet and release a small amount of liquidy stuff. Sometimes it is every other day. I was told it is just normal stuff the rectum produces. In the beginning, it was kind of weird to be sitting on a toilet again but now it is just part of my daily routine.

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