Maternity shop jeans: Comfortable alternative for ladies?


I have had a really difficult time wearing jeans. Someone mentioned they buy their jeans at the maternity shop. They said that the stretchy top part is more comfortable. Have any of you ladies out there ever done this before? How did it work for you?


So I have and do wear maternity jeans, but I also wear high-waisted jeans or high mid-rise jeans. No low rise at all. In general, though, I don't wear jeans if I don't have to. I wear leggings with tunics or loose-fitting tops or dresses or skirts. Maternity jeans are great because they have an ostomy wrap built-in essentially to the jean. I don't wear an ostomy wrap often, though, because my bag is so small and I wear high-waisted underwear too.

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I purchased these wraps from Ostomy Secrets and I love them. They have a little pocket to hold your bag. I feel like they support the bag and I can wear my normal clothes. My jeans and pants are probably a size too big but I like my pants loose anyway. I'm telling you these wraps are awesome. I have a white, nude, and black one. And a lacy one for romantic times. I haven't used that because I'm only a few weeks out from surgery, but I bought it. Look at their products online. They have underwear too, if you wanna go that route. And they have products for both males and females.


I like the ostomy wraps from Ostomy Secrets too. I have the black and nude lace ones. I got mine for a great deal around Black Friday last year. I paid $33 total for both of them. I just prefer to wear high-waisted underwear and pants though most of the time.

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I wear the high-waisted jeans also. I also like the classic high panty. I am new to this site.

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Do you find when wearing your jeans that it pancakes the bag too much?


I have posted using maternity jeans and found them quite comfortable and they gave me great support for the bag. I've worn them for years and it works just fine. And then I found that leggings worked well too. I wear either one and have also used the wrap from Ostomy Secrets. Depending on your comfort level and how you want to dress that day, these are all great options for someone with an ileostomy.


I found that for a long time I just couldn't wear anything too snug. But now, after 5 years, I have on occasion worn jeans that are stretchy with an elasticized waist - no zipper. And I have my ostomy in the front right between pubes and waist. I usually opt for yoga-type pants that are stretchy around waist areas and can be folded down. I absolutely can't stand things that sit on my waist, even before. For summer, I like overall-type shorts. They give me a lot of airflow :) I also love my hippie tie-dye tie waist loose pants for summer.

Pancaking is a concern with pants, but if they aren't too tight, you should be fine. Wear what you choose for a while at home to see if they work out before venturing out.


I don't like jeans since my ostomy. I like loose pants as well. I do find that when they are tight they do help cause pancaking. Active wear is best for me, elastic waist.


Hi, I have had Rosie for almost four years. I have found a line of pants and capris at Bells by Alia. They have stretch and a tummy panel that is very comfortable. For underwear, I like Vanity Fair. They are long enough from crotch to waist to give good coverage and at the outlet stores, they are very reasonably priced. When it comes to the pancaking situation, I find that by opening my pouch to unstick it a bit and applying a little Vaseline to the front of my base and a bit in my pouch, everything slides easier and makes cleanup of the base simple. I also use the white tabs that come with pouches to close the vent. This releases the vacuum that can cause pancaking due to not enough expansion of the pouch. You may have to burp your pouch occasionally like Tupperware, just divert your face as it can get a little odiferous lol. Hope this helps some of you.


I want to thank all of you who chimed in on this question. The maternity pants idea was fantastic and I hit a couple of the thrift stores to pick some up. They fit awesome and fit very comfortably over the collection bag. I can wear jeans again!


I found some post-pregnancy leggings that I love. There is a slight stretchy top built in that keeps my bag snug but is very comfortable. I also picked up some high-waisted yoga pants from Kohl's that I really like too.

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