Pilates after Colostomy: Tips for Safe Movements?


Have any of you done Pilates after your ostomy surgery? I am 7 months out from my surgery and am going back to Pilates for the first time today. I have been doing some walking and some physical therapy, but this will be my first time at Pilates since my surgery. Are there certain movements I should avoid, such as bending and twisting, for fear of dislodging my pouch? Many thanks for any help.

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I am 8 months since my surgery. I asked my doctor if I could start going to the gym and exercising again, and he said yes but take it slow.

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Thank you, Coraline - I appreciate your response.


Hi Crossley. I never took Pilates before my surgeries and hold no desire to start now. Guess you could call me a 'Remote" exerciser. Joking aside, you should speak with your surgeon about the dos and don'ts of exercise. All the best - Silveradokid.


I do Pilates with my colostomy and have for 3 years with no problems. Love the exercise.

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I'm glad someone posted about this, it's been a year since my surgery and I've been terrified to go back to Pilates for a fear of "overdoing it" or herniating or something!

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