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Residues hours after irrigation


Why do I have residues 4 hours after my irrigation which was great, It's been a week that I have every night? Is this normal ?? Yet I do not change my food :(

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Still have some after 5 hours, could it be the corn bread that i made and the i ate of course??


I wouldn't think that should happen....  Maybe you're just not using enough water and not quite clearing out your colon to the degree it should be.  I've noticed that I have to use quite a lot of water to make sure it's clear so I can make it for the 24 hours that I should be able to.  That's about all I can think of.  Sorry I can't be of more help.


I have been irrigating a little over three weeks now. Went 3 days in a row without any output but this past week has it has been every day. Sometime more than once but nowhere near what it was before irrigating. I am trying to train my colon to every other day irrigating so it may take some time there. It is much nicer than every night! I have not have any leakage since I started irrigating and that is a Godsend! I feel I can go anywhere and do anything now!



Good evening weirdnewlife,

Thank you for your feedback, but I already use 1500 cc of waterand it go in very well , and when it starts to come out there is at least a cup of clear water
coming out first,
And the last half cup is very dark green liquid
Should I add more?
Thanks for your help.


Glad to hear the irrigation is working for you, Puppyluv.  You're become an expert in no time.

Yes...Irrigation IS a Godsend!


Hi SH.  It seems to be normal that the first cup that comes out is clear.  That happens with me too.  The last half cup is green?  Hmmmm.  Seems to me, it should be brown.    I don't know....  If you already use 1500 ccs, I would think that would be enough.  You might want to ask your doctor about this.  It's out of my area of expertise.  Sorry I can't be of further help....   Hope things all get straightened out.



i have never had any green output. Are you eating a lot of green food. My first output is usually light in color but not clear by any means, like chicken soup broth, then it becomes brown or rust colored as it get thicker. 



Hi Candy,

No, no green vegy, and it's weird it's the second night with no dark green residus. And same here when it's start it' clear...ect ect like you.

Have a great evening


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