Looking for a reliable belt to prevent hernia - any recommendations?


Does anyone know if those are good? I want a good one to try and not get a hernia....thanks


Nu Hope Belt



I was talking yesterday with an Amazon seller by email and I had to choose another model because it was not suitable for my belly fat. It would have rolled up, and I would have had no support. It's a shame because I would have liked to use it when I do my irrigation :(


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Hello Ladyhawk. I've tried all sorts of belts and have come to the conclusion that none of them are 'perfect' for me. I would advise getting an adjustable one, as the body can change shape and most of this type of material stretches with age and washing so what fits at the beginning might not fit later.

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My friend Sue has a urostomy colostomy, bedbound-ish, but

she sticks a teddy bear under her colo hernias, large-ish

'13st' lass and no hernia belts worked.

She has a hernia at the urostomy site that has never

caused an issue 'yet'!

I'm sure the belts work for some, 'tis a learning curve


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The belt shown with an opening is what I wear. I already have a hernia and feel the belt keeps it in check.

To Ron Jeff... Hi... My name is Marsha, and I have an ileostomy. I find that the amount of output can't really be controlled. It's determined by how your digestive system works, how much you eat, and what kinds of food you eat. Fiber causes more "bulk", unless your system can't handle it, and it can trigger the runs... I have had my ileostomy for 50+ years, and have never taken anything to change either the consistency or the amount of output. I wouldn't want to slow my digestion down.....or speed it up. If I know I'm going to be out for a long car or plane ride.....I eat less the night before or in the morning. But in reality, everyone figures out what works best for themselves.



I dealt with Nu-Hope Labs and they were terrific.

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The one you showed I have and is too big of an opening for me and have found that Nu-Hope belts are great. You can call them with the model number of your pouch and wafer, and they will tell you what size opening you need. Hope this helps you.

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