Hernia belt causing irritation and itchiness - need help!


I am wearing a hernia belt 24/7 for a peristomal hernia. The skin underneath is severely irritated, red, and itchy. Driving me crazy. Want to rip the thing off. Any suggestions?


Hello chestnut. Hernia belts are very useful if you are likely to be doing anything strenuous or out of the ordinary. In my opinion, they are of little use when you are just sitting or sleepingso I would suggest trying to leave them off during the night and see how you get on. I have a peristomal hernia (amongst others) and I never wear a belt at nights. This has made no difference whatsoever to the shape or size of the hernia.

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I'm with you, Chesnut - I want to rip mine off too! Especially in hot weather! It raises my body temperature by 10 degrees, I swear! And swimming? Good grief - it already takes my bathing suit forever to dry with the interior pocket for my pouch, and the ruffle over my ostomy for distraction. However, the belt does help support my hernia. I find that if I go too long without it, I start to ache, and the hernia belt helps. I think I need to research other types, though. I've been looking at Ostomy Armor and Stealth Belt. Anybody out there have any preferences? The one I'm currently wearing has a lot of elastic, which I know will eventually stretch out of shape and provide no support at all. There has to be a better option. I'd love to know what it is.


Thank you, Bill and Padfoot.

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Possible allergy to the material/elastic, often not an issue short term but when warm, salty, human sweat reacts with it
over many hours?
Just a thought


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Hi Steve....

What one do you have, Steve?

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Hi, I don't wear one but the lady I look after did, I can't remember the

make but she reacted with it, saying that she tends to react with many

different items including colostomy and urostomy bags depending on


Maybe try putting dry wipes under it in the affected areas?

It's just a learning curve.

Hope you solve it.


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