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How to lessen the gas and noises coming from my stoma?


Hello everyone.  I am wondering if there is anything that can be taken to lessen the gas and noises coming from me.  I’m not embarrassed and I am accepting my new friend quite well, I’m just a bit concerned when I am in a quiet theatre and I otoduce some very loud and weird noises.  Pauline

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Hello Dancingthrough. There have been numerous post about this in the past and many great suggeastions regarding diet and gas-busting techniques. Thes czan be found in the  'premium content' section but I'm sure others will answer your question directly. I don't concern  myself too much with whether or not I produce gas as I feel it is much more important to eat whatever I like.  However, as I irrigate, during the day I wear a stoma plug, which allows the gas to pass through without making any noise. This resolves the sorts of embarrassment you speak of and relieves the pressure of potential gas build-up.

Best wishes



Thanks Bill.  I still have much to learn.  It’s only been 2 weeks. I am adjusting very well.  Take care.


Hi Pauline,

I don't hear many noises now.  I am 13 years into my relationship with my stoma so we are like best friends even though sometimes I get very angry with him LOL.

Do you have an ileostomy or colostomy?  I have an ileostomy but I have heard some with a colostomy might experience a little more gas.  

Give yourself at least 6-9 months to let your body settle into its new routine.  Sometimes we think others can hear the noises but they can't.  An "excuse me" is all I've ever said.  




I am sold on gas x. You are only just in two weeks. I agree with Brenda,your body needs time to adjust. Here are a few more suggestions. Stop drinking from a straw. No chewing gum,you swallow too much air.  Watch out for gas producers like beans ,cabbages,corn ,broccoli ect. Very important to chew chew and chew your food ..Hope this helps,



Hi Morning Glory,

Great sugestions that I had totally forgotten about!!

I no longer have problems with beans, broccoli or corn.  But cabbage ... well the stinkies hit then LOL

Hope you are well.



Unfortunately,  this comes with the territory.  If I am going to be out in a theater or such, I try to eat things that stay a little calmer.  Most of the time, people don't even pay attention believe it or not!  If they do happen to notice, I just apologize and state "Maxine is pitching a fit tonight!  Please forgive the interuption!"  If they ask about it, I will quietly explain and go about my business.  Sometimes, we just can't help it!  Maxine is a part of my life now and I treat her as such!😊


Hi Brenda.  Thanks so much for your response.  I’m adjusting well and I have a coloscopy. Just trying to connect with others who can relate.  This is a whole new world.  I’m just happy to be alive.  Pauline


Thanks Rebecca.  I’m absorbing everything I can. Pauline


Thanks so much for your response.  Take care

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