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Miracles Do Happen!


I just wanted to tell y'all that miracles do happen for us when it comes to love! Many of us doubt whether we will ever be loved again...but I'm here to tell you that we can! I am now married after 5 years spent being alone and miserable! I got married on St. Patrick's Day and have loved it ever since! Shane doesn't give a darn about Sammy (my stoma) and actually tends to forget that it's even there! He is still learning all about the ins and outs of ostomate life but has the basics down pat. He has yet to be able to watch me change it because that makes him too uncomfortable but that's ok. If that's the only thing he can't handle I'm great with that!

So don't give up guys. NEVER GIVE UP! This story goes to show you that we can all find love in the right person!

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Congratulations! There are good guys/gals out there and sounds as if you found one! I have one too! 



Hi Tink75.

Congrats! Im very happy for you.  :) 



Congratulations 🎉🎈 Tink! I am very happy for you both. 


Best wishes to the new bride and congratulations to the lucky groom.  May you live every day of your life. dls

Tink75.. Wishing you much happiness!

A lovely story and thanks for sharing it with us!

Best wishes



We need more happy stories like this.

All the best.

Welcome SAS,
Glad you found us! The site if full of great people who will give you all the support you need with your new life.
Hope to see you on here often!

A wonderful happy story. God love you both. We can't let 1 Square inch dictate our lives. 

You are so blessed. Enjoy each other everyday. Beach RN


Congratulations! So very happy for you!! 

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