Don't Forget Skin Prep After Bath!


I had a bath the other day and my flange gave way in two days. I forgot to put skin prep on. There must have been oil on my skin after the bath. I often get 10 days on my flange. So this is just a reminder to myself to not forget the skin prep after a bath. When I shower, it is not an issue.


I only use adhesive remover and dry before putting my flange on. Never had any problems and I am in my pool every day! Still get 10 days out of the flange. What do you prep with X?

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Smith & Nephew No-Sting Skin-Prep or Cavilon by 3M No Sting Barrier Film both work well.


Will keep that in mind if anything changes with me!


Wow, you guys must hold a record for how long the your flange stays on. I use Uni-Solve to remove excess adhesive and both Skin Prep and Karaya powder and never got more than 6 days between changes over 40 years with an ileostomy. Congrats!


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Hi X,

It is crazy! When I first started, I was lucky to last a day! Funny how finding the right product for you makes such a difference. I was told to use all that paste and powders and was given some in a kit from the hospital! The more stuff I used, the worse it got! Less is best for me! Lucky to have good skin, I guess!



Take more showers.

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