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After buying expensive ostomy odor control products for years, my light bulb went off.  You know those little Arm & Hammer boxes of baking soda?  People put them in the fridge to absorb odors.   That stuff is a perfect -- and cheap -- alternative.  Just a little bit in the pouch after emptying and voila... no odor.  

Thanks, I will have to give this a try.

Don't laugh, I have found popping in a few peppermint Altoids works just fine.

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Wow! I have to try baking soda and Altoids because I think the ostomy deodorant makes it smell worse... like a public restroom. Thanks for the suggestions.

AGB - I used a few drops of eucalyptus oil when I had my ostomy.

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Thanks for the advice... I am definitely going to try the baking soda.

I tried baking soda and it seemed to work well, but I always had difficulty getting it into the pouch without making a mess. So after reading this post, I was thinking maybe I will try creating some sachet packets of it using coffee filters cut to size, kind of like a tea bag but still smaller. This way, I can put one in the pouch after emptying when I'm not at home.

Anyone have any other thoughts on how we can make it more portable and user-friendly?

I was looking at my eye drops bottle. It is small and you can pop the end off. You could wash it out well and let it dry out. The end should work like a spray. I have not tried it, but I think it would work. I am also going to try baking soda in my bag.


Just a little scoop or a teaspoon works... The baking soda works really well. I empty the box of baking soda into a plastic margarine container and keep it in the bathroom. I use a small scoop... Works great with no mess.

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I used baking soda, it works. I have also used tic tac. That works, too. I am trying a rolled up scented dryer sheet. I will let you know if that works. Trying to find something that works really well, as I can smell the odor alot. People say they don't smell anything, but I am self conscious about it.

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If you can smell odor when you're not emptying your bag or changing it, there is an issue. Either output is getting under your wafer and the odor is coming out or the filter, if you have one, is letting the smell out.

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