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Hi, I'm Chris – from the UK, but now living in a quirky c18th cottage in Normandy France since 2011.

I love gardening: my favourite is certainly the Japanese maple - I have a few (dozen..). I enjoy antiques, and have some lovely old inherited furniture which looks good in a house like this.

I speak English quite well, Welsh fairly well, and French fairly badly. I'm interested in the Big Wide World! I have amiable conversations running with all sorts of interesting people, including through this site: my life is not defined by illness.

I've had a stoma since 2003, when colon cancer led to emergency surgery then six months of chemo ('fortunately we don't think hair loss will a problem in your case' said the oncologist!). I also have UC. The healthcare here is incredible!

I'm kept going by varied interests, a maverick sense of humour, a 'junk shop mind' full of useless information, and my Christian faith. If you do 'personality type' I am INTP - I am a qualified psychological type practitioner.

Thank you for reading this!
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