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Hi, I'm Chris – from the UK, but now living with my OH in a quirky old cottage in Normandy France since 2011: some people might think of us as quirky and old as well....

We love gardening: she fills the garden with roses, while I have many different kinds of maples and a few dwarf oak trees. We enjoy antique china, especially Royal Worcester. We also have an alarming number of old clocks around the place! Oh, and some taxidermy as well, including a stag head inherited from my grandfather, who farmed in Alberta, Canada.

I speak English rather well, Welsh fairly well, and French fairly badly. I am very profoundly English, but with a big-world outlook: I went to a 'good school'(!) I am now carer for my wife of 38 years.

I've had a stoma since 2003, when colon cancer led to emergency surgery then six months of chemo ('fortunately we don't think hair loss will a problem in your case' said the oncologist!). I also have ulcerative colitis, but it is under control. The healthcare here is incredible!

I'm kept going by my maverick sense of humour, a 'junk shop mind' full of useless informaion, and my Christian faith. If you do 'personality type' I am INTP. Friends tell me I am gentle and civilised! I have amiable conversations running with all sorts of interesting people, including through this site: my life is not defined by illness.

Thank you for reading this!
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