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Grew up in Europe - The Netherlands, emigrated to Canada in'64, at age 19 by myself, spent a month in Toronto, too much snow went to Vancouver, more snow than Toronto - once in ten years - for 2 years then moved to Montreal in '66 took a computer course there but ended back in Toronto in '70. Worked in the computer industry since 1966, first in large scale computers and the last 20 years in microcomputers. I have written various kind of software, designed my own microcomputer hardware in the early 80's. Moved into product management, marketing, indirect sales and then started my own company. While I still have my own company I am at present practically retired. Interesting to note at present I have more computing power in my house than most of the companies I worked for had at the time. But the most interesting fact is the prices of the equipment in the early '80's, and Moore's Law still holds true to this day. Basically the size of some equipment doubles while the price is halve.
I don't expect a lot from this site since they showed me once during my five days in hospital how to change the appliance. what I did find that there a lot of people who are very worried and concerned. I guess I am lucky I came through the operation - non reversible - without any problems and while I have had a few embarrassing incidents I have found my methodology which allows me to last a week without change (well most of the times). As a test I once managed to last 13 days, won't do that again. Read a lot of sad stories on various sites. One being the Mayo Clinic.
My favourite (Canadian for favorite) T-Shirt (orange) says:
I intend to live forever
so far, so good :-)
On April 12 2012 I spend 8 hours in the OR to have four masses of colon cancer removed and ended up with a permanent ileostomy. I spend the rest of 2012 going to chemo and radiation. With chemo I kept telling them to stop giving me placebo's which they must be giving me since I did not have any side effects.
Same with radiation told them to turn the machine on.
Complained that they told me I would loose my hair then why do I have to pay for a haircut? At least the barber gave me the seniors discount. If you have any questions especially computer questions don't hesitate to ask. I fixed my Brother in Law's computer in Holland remotely.

If you WINK at me I'll will respond by message.

But when I sent a message, I would appreciate it if you at least read it. After logging in and when it says inbox (1) or more click on the inbox to open the inbox then click on the subject to read the message, clicking on the sender you'll see his or her profile. I took the time to msg some, but they remain Unread.
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I have a colostomy .
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Rectal anal cancer. Cancer removed. Side pouch ostomy. 3 years ago....
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hi I am lloyd and lloking for some one to maybe go see a movie or ...
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