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I spend much of my time enjoying a low stress lifestyle where priorities include good food, good riding, and good people. Activities include but are not limited to mountain and road biking (this is my main outlet), shooting guns, camping and backpacking, fishing, stargazing, and all associated behaviors of a proper Western North Carolinian. I'm able to stay at the house like a champ also and just make a great meal relaxing with kicked up feet and some wine or tea. Working on songs when it's nasty outside is somehow always more exciting and isn't winter why video games were made? Enough about bad weather though, that's winter everywhere. We're currently in summer here in the mountains and it couldn't be much more pleasant while the lowlands broil at sea level.

I really want to get into panning for gold in the higher mountain areas and have been researching the best places to do that. I'm working toward providing my own protein in the form of wild game. It's humanely raised and harvested while being all organic. Just threw that in there for anyone opposed to animal protein. I'd like to one day have a cool little garden grown in the back yard with hens and goats. You know, the good life.

Superficial types who are more interested in what I do for a living rather than seeing me as a the thoughtful man I am can move on to the next mark. Please understand that the aforementioned disclaimer isn't a view into my psyche, merely an attempt at finding a partner in life based on love, not materialism. I'm here in hopes of finding a partner who like me, enjoys a good hike or bike ride and craves to be active. Music choices range from rock/metal to cool ambient stuff to second generation blues. I also enjoy the simple truth of a singer songwriter but hold the country and rap please.

I'm content in the knowledge that I am myself no matter the situation and detest those who are not genuine. I seek those who yearn for knowledge and truth. Those who chose to laugh in the face of life and have fun while testing one's own limits of being. I seek a like minded life learner in all things. I seek someone who similarly refuses to just follow the pack blindly, yielding to the status quo instead of asking why.

I endeavor to live a happy, simple, fulfilling life and have come along way in realizing that goal. I've chosen to live some years alone as playing solitaire is sometimes a much more peaceful existence haha little joke there... But seriously, I say this to illustrate my genuine intentions here and that I'm certainly not interested in merely finding a warm body so as to not be alone. It's tempting to be cynical but I know she's out there, I merely have to persevere in this quest as in any other worthwhile endeavor.
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