...I've been an ostomate since 1971. I am a retired Physical Therapist assistant of 9 yrs, a CNA in Oncology/Hemotology for 3 yrs and a Dental Assistant for 25 yrs.
I'm a great listener, I enjoy sharing my experiences when asked.
I'm was born in the Bronx, NY...raised in upstate NY in the Catskills. Did my high school years in H'ville, AL; I married my husband there in '70 and had our son in Japan in 1984
Reading, gardening, traveling in our RV, being with our two dogs and loving my husband of 42 yrs is my enjoyment!
My son and his wife, my best friend, gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Natalie, in March of this year and she is the love of my life.
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