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Hello, I am a new ostomate having only had surgery a few weeks ago, I had an ileostomy and I also have monthly oncology,
I am a retired nurse and must admit I was a better nurse than patient. What we say is so different to being the patient and you realise how little you really knew, knowing the mechanics and living with it is so different,
I am still in the acceptance/learning phase. I was given 24 hours to make the decision which I don't regret pain is so much less, but i am having a terrible time getting bags to stay in place, i use paste, i use wipes, I use both and my confidence is beginning to leave me. I have tried several different bags etc and have settled on Salts but still get occasional leaks, horrendous ones! And although still resting from surgery i am avoiding going out.
My nursing friends just say for goodness sake pull yourself together, its not that easy though. Apologies for the complaints i would just be grateful for advice on how to prevent/deal with leaks. Do most people carry spare clothes etc. Thank you for reading this, sincerely,
Moved on since folks. I have had revision surgery due to cancer cells being to close for comfort and to top it off I have had a para stomal hernia from day one. (Some nurse) but if it isn't your area of expertise and it has been like it since day one, I believe it is reasonable to believe it is just post op swelling so I just got by by reasoning myself not to panic, and by following up with my oncologist and surgeon who immediately collaborated to do what needed to be done ASAP. Thank you to them for acting so quickly I didn't have time to think or discuss it on line, they are my angels.
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