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I am a long term ostomate due to severe, unresolved UC. I was diagnosed in late 2011 at the age of 47 and had surgery 1 year later. This sight has been an awesome resource for me, providing the opportunity to connect with others experiencing a similar journey. Prior to surgery, I did not know anyone with an ostomy nor had bowel concerns.

March 11th is my life anniversary. This is the day I was given a second chance. Today, I continue to enjoy most of my favorite foods and social activities- makes for a hopeful and exciting future.

Talk soon:)

Update - 2022

It has been over two years since my surgery. Fortunately, I have been able to continue living each day doing my best with an ostomy. The journey has been an interesting one. I promised myself, once I began to feel better and heal that I would write a short book to help others walking a similar path - and I did.

The book is titled: Stanley and Me make three and is available on the Tate Publishing website. The launch date is scheduled for 7/7/15. These are exciting times once again. I dedicated my book to my husband and all of the past, present and future ostomates.

Thank you everyone!
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