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Been a memember previously. Life has taken its tole on me and my family. I would love to meet and get help from fellow otomates and also give and help if I can.
I have had my iliostomy since 2010. Ostomy in 2009 Still struggling with many issues. Self image, problems with iliostomy shutting down/neurogenic.
I originally started having problems after a car accident, then needed surgery for what they said was three disc, but I only opted for the most serious one. Sort story short. Surgeon screwed up and and cut the equinna nerves and I now have cauda equine, causing me to not only lose my large bowel due to neurogenic bowel, but also have to cath all the time for same reason. No feeling in saddle are at all. Nerve damage to left leg. but I can still walk and do still work when either I or my younger son who is now on hospice is not hospitalized.
Update: I am now the big 50. it has been a while since i have even looked on or even asked questions.
Celebrated my 28th anniversary in Dec. Empty nesters (technically) Oldest daughter lives in PA around 2 hrs away, Oldest son graduated college with degree in Computer Science. Working, but living at home. Youngest son is now living 15 min from home in a residential apartment placement with 24/7 nursing care.
I stil love being outdoors, doing pretty much anything related to gardening, hiking, kyaking, walking, etc.
Recently got back involved with a long lost love of painting and making more crafts. Trying my hand at glass art.
My medical health has been pretty bad. Was up and down with bowel issues, but now I'm always in the hospital.
2015 in more than home. 2016 in since mid Jan until now as I post.
I have a lot of questions and will do my best to post them in the correct forum
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