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Urostomy in 2014 due to bladder cancer. Lifechanging. Semi-recovered, I traveled through northern AZ, hiking many of the Sedona and Grand Canyon wonders.

I then lightened my client workload and 2 years later became a fully retired biz exec.
In 2015 I became a board member of an acoustic music society, booking musical talent and promoting/presenting 2 monthly amplified acoustic concerts and an annual folk festival.

In my all too much spare time I am a songwriter, guitarist and poet/writer and can be most often found around the live music and poetry scenes. On my way to wherever I sing in the car.

I enjoy the peacefulness of nature, hikes (especially to waterfalls), meditation, Qigong, travel and living Life as an adventure of self-discovery and fulfillment, with mostly positive results... ha.

Looking forward to meeting others, travel, possible relationship, finding new adventures, writing new songs, keeping the glass more than half full!

Favorite books: A Course In Miracles, Urantia Book, anything by Asimov, Vonnegut, Dalai Lama and similar.
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